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Neon Dynasty Draft Guide

Neon Dynasty Draft Guide: Magic Arena has just published Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and the Prerelease is this weekend! With this tutorial, you’ll be able to play in Prerelease or draught online if you’re interested. Let’s take a look at this limited-edition environment, shall we? (Neon Dynasty Limited: Kamigawa’s Mechanics) You’ll see a variety of Mechanics in your limited, and we’ll often draught around them.

Neon Dynasty Draft Guide

These are the mechanics you can expect to see: Ninjutsu \sModified \sSagas \sReconfigure \sVehicles \sChannel \s—Although you may not use all of these in your deck, the most of them can.

There are two color schemes here

This set’s limited environment is shaping up to have some really distinct two-color pairings, with a third color splash readily available. One way to find an entire tribe is to use the “pillar cards,” which can be used in many different ways. Let’s take a look at the colour schemes and the key cards you’ll need. As a side note, it’s vital to be a little more flexible in pack one. There are cornerstone cards for each archetype, but if you don’t make it, you must be flexible. Samurai are often depicted wearing the colour blue, which is associated with the warrior class.

You should prioritize these cards for the Samurai. Asari Captain is an important part of Samurai. As boring as this rare may be, it sets you on the proper path to becoming a Samurai. Selfless Samurai, on the other hand, may be even more critical. Using just one creature to assault is a great use of the Lifelink, and the protection it gives is priceless. With just one species, we have a few things to keep in mind. With Eiganjo Exemplar, we’ll be able to bolster our primary assault beast. Peerless Samurai provides both solid blocking and a reduction in the cost of other creatures, which is what we’re looking for.


It’s no secret that the ninjas wear a matching color scheme called Dimir. There are some ninjas who wear green, so we can use that hue as well. These are some key cards to look for if you’re using this archetype. The keystone card is Silver-Fur Master right out of the gate. Ninjutsu powers become more affordable thanks to this ninja lord. We’ve got a new Ninja of the Deep Hours, Moon-Circuit Hacker, next. A few amazing cards to make sure we can use our ninjutsu abilities are Futurist Operative and Kaito’s Pursuit. It is possible for our creatures to go unblocked with the help of these cards.

Only a few cards are worth picking up if you’re splashing green. Having deathtouch makes Fang of Shigeki an excellent early game drop. Coiling Stalker is a cheap ninjutsu effect that can bolster some of our other monsters.. It’s also worth noting that Kappa Tech-Wrecker has a lot to offer here, as many of the creatures in this set are enchantments and artefacts.


It’s all about the vehicles in Azorius’s world. Here, too, you can go all out and go all out with black. There’s a lot of variety because the set places a heavy emphasis on vehicles. You’ll want to stock up on these key cards. Prodigy’s Prototype is one of the most important cards in this archetype. With enough vehicles, it’s possible to build a very large board, and the damage can be sped up significantly. Hotshot Mechanic for crewing and Mobilizer Mechanic for the free crew when crewed are also essentials. For our mechanized army, Kitsune Ace serves as an excellent pilot. We’re also playing a lot of vehicles, so Skyswimmer Koi is an excellent support card that can help us avoid enemy attacks. Our vehicles can be animated with Mech Hangars, which aren’t shown here but are absolutely necessary.

Neon Dynasty Draft Guide
Neon Dynasty Draft Guide

There are a few cards we’ll need if we’re splashing black

Ten Magic: The Gathering cards are available. The Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set contains a number of Limited archetypes that can be used as a starting point for Limited strategies. Neon Dynasty (NEO) doesn’t have cookie-cutter archetypes like MID and VOW, unlike recent MTG Limited sets. Each of the ten limited archetypes can be used in a variety of ways. Cards with multiple themes and good removal make Black the standout color. Both Red and Green offer strong removal spells that may be used in a variety of NEO decks. In addition, the removal spells of all three colors are strong. Here are the best four NEO Limited archetypes, from ninjas to artifacts and enchantments. After the digital and global release of Neon Nights, these archetypes will be revised.

UB ninjas Artifacts

Many of the cards that enable the UB ninja archetype will be highly sought after in the first few weeks of MTG Arena’s NEO Draft. UB is a respectable archetype, but it lacks in power if you ignore the nostalgic hype. The archetype’s linchpin is the Silver-Fur Master. In addition to buffing your own ninjas, the rat ninja also reduces the effectiveness of any Ninjutsu skills you have control over.

The enablers in a Ninjutsu deck must have evasiveness and a low mana cost in order for it to be effective. Having flying and the ability to tap a permanent upon entering the battlefield, Network Disruptor is a one-drop that’s excellent. As a bonus, Inkrise Infiltrator is a cheap flying creature with a built-in combat trick. Upon entering the battlefield, the High-Speed Hoverbike taps a target creature with a crew cost of one with its flying and flash abilities. A three-drop with either Menace or Deathtouch is Nezumi Bladeblesser.

As long as they have strong powers and don’t drain all of your resources, ninjas should be a viable option for every game. Prosperous Thief is a 3/2 with a Ninjutsu of 1U and the ability to create a Treasure token anytime a ninja or rogue inflicts combat damage on an adversary. When Moon-Circuit Hacker deals combat damage, he draws a card with a Ninjutsu cost of U.

Ramp for GW Enchantment

The color White lends help to Green’s enchantments in Magic the Gathering. The NEO landmark card for the Green and White archetype is Jukai Naturalist, a 2/2 two-drop that provides a little amount of Lifelink while also decreasing the cost of Enchantment spells by one. Unlike the BR Artifact-focused approach, GW Enchantment incorporates different sources of the ramp and a couple of curve topper finishes.

Neon Dynasty Draft Guide
Neon Dynasty Draft Guide

Eiganjo Exemplar is a good two-drop Enchantment creature that can scale in power while attacking alone. Careful Cultivation is an aura that grants Reach, +1/+3, and ramp, whereas Fang of Shigeki is an Enchantment creature with Deathtouch.

You can use Dokuchi Silencer’s Ninjutsu cost of 1B to kill a creature or walker of your opponent by discarding one of your own cards and inflicting battle damage on your opponent. The Ninjutsu cost of Covert Technician is 1U, and its ability allows you to put an Artifact from your hand into the battlefield with a mana value equal to or less than the combat damage caused.

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