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Mr. Sinister Has Taken Control of Marvel's Most Terrifying Power

Warning: SPOILERS for Immortal X-Men #10The classic X-Men villain Mr. Sinister has finally obtained ultimate power in the mutant universe, and the island of Krakoa is in more danger than it has ever been in before. In the aftermath of the Judgment Day event, Sinister has become the greatest threat to the mutants after humanity themselves, and he will soon overshadow them entirely. This is because of the shocking ending of Immortal X-Men #10, in which the most powerful mutant on the island isn’t who he claims to be at all.

Nathaniel Essex, commonly known as Mr. Sinister, has been a thorn in the X-Men’s side for many years. While not born a mutant, Sinister has since become one of them and welcomed into their ranks. He is incredibly long-lived, and has accumulated tremendous amounts of scientific knowledge – specifically knowledge about cloning. This is Sinister’s ultimate weapon, and he’s already began to use it by creating multiple clones of Moira MacTaggart. His future selves kill the Moira clones, her unique mutant power actives and sends her de-aged self back in time, and Mr. Sinister can then use information from the future to plan ahead.

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In Immortal X-Men #10, written by Keiron Gillen with art by Lucas Werneck, Mr. Sinister’s latest plan to destroy Krakoan resurrection protocols by killing Hope ends in failure as the mutant is resurrected using only four of the five key characters. While Mr. Sinister is dragged to the Pit (the Krakoan eternal prison), none of the X-Men realize that Sinister’s true plan actually succeeded. Professor X wanders away from the X-Men after Sinister’s imprisonment – and as he takes off his helmet, the reader sees a red diamond in his forehead: the mark of a Sinister clone.

Mr. Sinister was previously thought to have four clones, but evidentially he has more. It is also completely unknown exactly how long this clone has been impersonating Charles Xavier. Even more distressingly, no one knows that Xavier is not himself – or where the real Professor X might be kept hiding, if he is alive at all. While mutant resurrection means that no mutant remains dead for long, Sinister has seemingly desired to kill Hope – and preventing Xavier’s eventual resurrection may be the reason why.

Mr. Sinister is disarmingly camp and cracks jokes more often than others (almost as much as Spider-Man), but that hides his true insidious nature as a villain. At the same time, no one on the Quiet Council trusts Sinister fully, which is why the success of his plan is even more shocking. Mr. Sinister, as a clone of Professor X, now holds sway over the entire group of X-Men – and the group will have to figure out Sinister’s end goal before it’s too late.

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