Mike McCarthy will get credit as the leader of the Dallas Cowboys.

One thing is certain: NFL employment is not guaranteed. It’s the best “at-will” employment opportunity, especially with the Dallas Cowboys.

What is “employment at will” you can ask for? This is when the employer has the ability to fire an employee for any reason without notice, as long as the reason is not illegal. At least, that’s according to Wikipedia.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy has been at the center of employment rumors throughout his tenure in the metro area and it hasn’t been the kind of rumors where he wants to be in the spotlight. He is leading a team that is hungry for the playoffs. success and that the responsibility of leadership can be overwhelming.

There have been coaching mistakes that were inexplicable in the three seasons that Mike has been head ball coach, but have they overcome the hurdles he’s jumped to keep this team competitive? I’ll let the fans be the judge of that. However, this team and the fans may need to take a closer look at some of the pitfalls it has overcome to keep this team one of the best in the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback situation has been far from ideal

One of the unfortunate constants in the NFL is that injuries will occur. Dallas hasn’t been immune to that fact during Mike McCarthy’s tenure. Is it possible that a team could lose both of its starting tackles (Tyron Smith, Terrance Steele) at different times in the same season?


Could a team lose their middle linebacker (Leighton Vander Esch) for several weeks?


Has a team ever had to start the season without its wide receiver (Michael Gallup) for the first five games of the season?

Happens all the time.

However, the Coaches reach their breaking point when they lose their starting quarterback. All bets are off. In McCarthy’s case, he’s been without his starting quarterback in 21 of 50 regular-season games.

Sam Bradford is the only starting quarterback that comes to mind in recent history who has been unlucky with injuries. However, with Mike, he has been able to maintain a 60% win rate with Dallas despite losing their quarterback.

If we want to blame it on the fact that the team was ill-prepared with his backup quarterback situation, that’s a valid point. However, Cowboys fans know that Mike isn’t making the personnel moves with Jerry, Stephen and Will at the helm. If a head coach can lead his team to two 12-win seasons and two playoff berths without his quarterback, that’s a head coach who should be considered Coach of the Year.

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