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Marvel Confirms Captain America Lifting Mjolnir is Destiny, in Every Universe

Warning: SPOILERS for Avengers Forever #13Marvel’s Captain America can lift Thor’s hammer – not just in one universe, but in all of them. Steve Rogers is known as one of the most morally-pure heroes on Earth, and is frequently compared to DC’s Superman in terms of his incorruptible moral center. But now Avengers Forever #13 suggests that Captain America is always worthy in every corner of the Multiverse, even if the hammer itself comes from a different reality altogether.

In recent years, Marvel has placed tremendous focus on the concept of the Multiverse: an infinite amount of universes in which an infinite amount of characters can appear. There is great power lurking in the space between universes, and Mephisto has joined forces with his multiversal selves to form the Council of Red: a group of Mephistos who seek to find the ultimate source of power within the Avengers Tower located near the God Quarry. Three teams of Avengers form to stop them: the 616 Avengers, the Multiversal Avengers, and the Prehistoric Avengers from Earth’s distant past.

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In Avengers Forever #13, written by Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Mark Farmer & Frank Martin, the Mephistos make their move toward the God Quarry, and come face-to-face with an army of Captain Americas and Captain Marvels. With ground forces overwhelmed, the granddaughters of Thor call upon hundreds of Mjolnirs from different universes; the airstrike obliterates the Mephisto ground forces. One of the Captain Americas picks one up from the ground, and his fellow soldier asks him where he obtained the hammer. “There were a bunch of them just lying around,” he says. “And I don’t know…I could swear it was calling to me.”

It must be noted that this Captain America variant does not appear to know that Mjolnir can only be wielded by a chosen few. This means that Captain America presumably did not exert any effort into lifting the weapon off the ground – to him, it is just an ordinary hammer. If this variant can lift Mjolnir, then it stands to reason nearly every other variant can, which means the other Captains could theoretically pick up all the dropped hammers in a last-ditch effort to defeat Mephisto’s army once and for all.

Marvel has hinted that 2023 will be the grand conclusion to Jason Aaron’s epic five-year run on the Avengers books, and the final battle has already begun. Captain America – and his many variants – will need all the firepower he can get in order to defeat Mephisto. Thor’s hammer would provide that firepower, along with the hundreds of variants that could each be held by a different Captain America of the Multiverse.

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