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Married At First Sight Season 16: Where To Find The Cast On Instagram

Married At First Sight is back and has taken over one of the most social cities in the United States: Nashville, Tennessee. Ten new cast members are ready to listen to the show’s team of experts and marry the person they think is best for them. The show follows the five couples as they experience the ups and downs of a brand-new marriage.

According to the cast’s profiles on Lifetime, the singles are eager and excited to start their journey. Most of the cast members have an online presence, more specifically Instagram. Even though several of them have their profiles set to private, fans can follow them and keep up with their day-to-day lives.

Nicole Lilienthal is 32 years old and is a former New York City resident as she lived in the big apple for about 30 years. Her Nashville experience has not turned out like she expected as a tornado and COVID have deterred her from enjoying the city and its dating life.

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Nicole has been set up with Christopher, and she can be found on Instagram at @nicoley_woley. Fans would need to follow her to see what she is posting because her account is private.

Christopher Thielk moved from Chicago to Nashville about three years ago, and like many other people, has not had an easy time meeting people with COVID being a constant threat to the social scene. However, he is very excited about the show and finding his perfect match. Christopher hopes he and Nicole can go the distance together.

Christopher is on Instagram @thielky2. He has 278 followers but is private, so his posts are unknown without following him.

Kirsten Grimes is a successful realtor and is looking for a man to meet her very high expectations. She is hoping for a man that has religion in his life and is not afraid to grow with her. She is optimistic that this will work out for her in the end.

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She is matched on the show with Shaquille. She can be found on Instagram at @kirsten_nashvillerealtor. It appears to be her professional account for her relator career, but it is private.

Shaquille Dillon believes to be in a perfect spot in his life for marriage since both his personal and professional lives are flourishing. He believes his perfect match needs to value family, faith, and education in order for them to work.

He is matched with Kirsten and their marriage has struggled right off the bat. His Instagram is @dapperdillion, but it is a private account. He does have a link to his online store in his bio, however.

Domynique Kloss has not had much luck in the bar scene or on dating apps and has not had many long-term relationships, but she is committed to giving marriage a try. She has already made an impression on fans as some do not believe she should have been cast this season.

She is married to Mackinley, and she can be found on Instagram at @stupid_hazards. Her profile is private, so fans would need to follow her to see her posts.

Mackinley Gilbert recently made his way to Nashville to explore more career opportunities. He is looking forward to settling down with his wife, Domynique, and having a terrific marriage. He usually puts his career first, but he is even open to starting a family.

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Mackinley is on Instagram at @_mackinley. His account with 116 followers is private, so fans will need to follow and get approved by him to see what he is up to.

Jasmine Secrest has been wanting to settle down and start a family for a long time, as she admittedly falls in love quickly. She believes she has a great life and the only thing missing is someone to spend it with. Jasmine is hoping she is compatible with her husband Airris, and that they have a real chance at life-long love.

Jasmine is on Instagram at @_allthatjazzz. She has 2,850 followers but has a private account.

Airris Williams is now a software engineer after a career change. He knows exactly what he wants and that is a strong, independent woman he can call his wife. He has spent the last couple of years focused on improving himself, but now he is ready to spread the love and start a family, perhaps with Jasmine.

Airris is on Instagram at @airris_dw. His account is set to private, and he is sitting at 1,545 followers.

Gina Micheletti is a hairdresser and has been working in the beauty business for the last nine years. Her business is located in Nashville, so she is very popular in the area. She put her dating life on hold in order to grow her business, but now she is ready to get back in the game.

On the show, Gina is married to Clint. Her Instagram page is @gina.doesmyhair. Her account is private, but she does have her beauty company’s page in her bio.

Clint Webb looks at his life as one big adventure, and he is looking for someone to share that adventure with. He is a big believer in learning and thinks that the two partners should learn from one another. He is putting his faith into the experts’ hands and taking a chance at love.

He is the only member of the cast without a confirmed Instagram account. He could have one that has just not been found by fans yet.

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