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Manifest Fans Think They Know Exactly When Season 4 Returns

Fans of Manifest believe that they’ve figured out the exact date the Netflix series will return. At some point in the near future, Netflix is expected to release Manifest season 4’s second and final batch of episodes, which will bring the series to a close. However, no date has been officially revealed as of yet.

Broken up into two, ten-episode blocks after being given new life on Netflix, the recently resurrected drama is paying off three years of surprise twists and key developments. In its first ten episodes, season 4 already explained Manifest’s biggest mysteries through big reveals about the Callings, the divine consciousness, and Flight 828. In providing these much-needed answers, Manifest has allowed its last episodes to shift its focus toward the ultimate fate of the passengers (and apparently the world) as they inch toward the dreaded Death Date. How the main characters will tackle this problem will be addressed when Manifest season 4, part 2 releases.

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Even though there’s still no word from Netflix on when the show’s return will happen, a large number of Manifest fans already have a particular day in mind. April 7, 2023 has been identified as the most likely release date since the show has a well-known tendency to line up important events with in-universe dates relevant to its story. One example of this is Netflix’s decision to unveil its first trailer for Manifest season 4 on August 28, a date that correlates with Flight 828. Plus, there’s the date Netflix chose for season 4’s first block of episodes.It hit Netflix on November 4, which was when Flight 828 returned to New York in 2018. The date of takeoff from Jamaica in 2013 curiously fell on April 7.

To fans, the correlation between these two dates – and the idea that part 1’s November 4 release wasn’t a coincidence – makes April 7 a real possibility for the show’s return. Fueling this prediction is the fact that Manifest completed filming for season 4 months ago. Both parts were shot back-to-back, meaning that it’s not unfeasible for Manifest season 4, part 2 to be ready by April 7. Also, it would fit in well with Netflix’s release strategy. The streaming platform typically drops new shows on Friday, and April 7 will indeed land on a Friday this year.

While April 7 has garnered the most attention from those speculating on when Manifest returns, it’s not the only day on the calendar coming up that happens to be a key, in-universe date. It shouldn’t be forgotten that everything that’s happened in the show serves as buildup to one specific day. Nicknamed the Death Date, June 2, 2024 is the endgame for the Flight 828 passengers. For that reason, June 2, 2023 (which is also on a Friday) is another viable option for Manifest season 4, part 2’s release if the leading theory doesn’t hold true.

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