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Love After Lockup’s Monique Blasts ‘Unprovoked’ Body-Shaming Comments

Monique from Love After Lockup season 4 criticized the “unprovoked” comments she’s been receiving online about her body after debuting her relationship with Derek. Monique and Derek are among the new couples who were introduced in the latest addition to Love After Lockup season 4. The couple became standouts of the season due to their difference in shape and size. Monique, a plus-size woman, towers over Derek, a short and slender recently-released felon. Monique captured Derek’s heart while he served time in prison, and he is committed to doing right by his girlfriend now that he’s a free man.

Despite Monique and Derek’s bond, the couple has been under fire for their appearance. The Love After Lockup star had enough of the slander and took to Instagram to speak out against the”unprovoked” cyberbullying attacks. “The fact that I’ve been bullied and ridiculed online HEAVILY for the past 4 days UNPROVOKED is crazy to me,” Monique wrote in a lengthy statement. “Idk why people are so obsessed with my weight and my relationship with Derek.”

Monique went on to call out those who support mental health and the Protect Black Women movement yet are on social media “bullying another black woman about her weight.” Monique noted the three years she and Derek have been together while expressing their happiness as a couple. “He love it here. We living in our truth. Love is love,” she quipped.

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Monique has been the topic of discussion amid the new season. The Love After Lockup star responded to a shady comment from vlogger Funky Dineva, who shared a post questioning if Derek is really attracted to Monique or just faking it. “She can’t possibly believe he wants her,” Funky Dineva wrote. Once Monique caught wind of the shade, she issued a response before posting her statement on her page. Monique and Derek are still going strong, according to social media. Monique even posted an Instagram Live session with Derek a few days after calling out the body-shamers. “We make each other better. We make each other happy,” Derek said. The live session let all the critics know that Derek is happy with Monique and all the love she has to give.

Derek was well aware of his Love After Lockup girlfriend’s plus-size physique ahead of leaving prison. He expressed his desire to make things with Monique work and even encouraged her toward a healthier lifestyle. Monique joined Derek at the gym in a recent Love After Lockup episode, where they worked out together. Monique shared how comfortable she was working out with Derek and living a healthier lifestyle. At the start of the season, Monique expressed concerns over what Derek would think about her upon his release. She admitted to being worried about his reaction to her size.

But Derek has shown his continued loyalty to Monique by sharing their love on social media. It was a brave choice to appear on Love After Lockup and give viewers an inside look into their journey as a live-in couple for the first time. Cameras are following Monique and Derek as they adjust to life together for the first time. Monique has set up cameras and Derek’s phone to keep an eye on him. Derek just wants Monique to open herself up to going out with him and letting him go out on his own. There are control issues creeping to the surface as the season carries on.

Love After Lockup airs Fridays at 9 p.m. EST on WeTV.

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