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Devil takes the last

Mark Seglem correctly identifies the problem of speeding on I-25 and, consequently, the danger it poses. He’s right again when he identifies the shortage of State Patrol cops and the resulting capricious enforcement of traffic laws. The situation, frankly, is the lawlessness of the road: speed like crazy and the devil take last.

This problem is not limited to interstate highways; the city streets are just as dangerous and police are rarely seen. Mr. Seglem openly admits to his speeding, “going way over the speed limit”.

Therefore, your position is hypocritical. You cannot reasonably complain about traffic enforcement when you are part of the problem, not the solution that begins with obeying traffic laws.

William Myers

Colorado Springs

It is not a universal belief

There was a time when I ignored the plight of those in need, failed to acknowledge the racism I found almost everywhere, accepted the arrogance of our elected politicians who were only interested in their personal desires, felt the surge of power when I used my loaded gun. as a law enforcement officer and believed that conservatism was the answer to our country’s problems.

Of course, these beliefs were when I was young and not very bright. Now that I am older I still find it hard to believe that my country accepting to carry and own assault weapons will make us safer, politicians will finally see the light and rule for all, hatred of minorities including immigrants is not racism and helps . the homeless and the less fortunate will come true. We know that being kind to others and doing the right thing is not a universal belief.

Vincent Capozzella

Colorado Springs

There is no hope for a bipartisan Congress

I just wanted to respond to Gary Morse’s lament about how the duly elected Republican majority in the House has started.

Donald Trump has not been “dispatched.” Certainly not by the Democrats, anyway… 100% in their heads.

You wouldn’t have to investigate the Bidens right now if the Democrats had all this time. Committee heads are appointed by the majority party. The Republicans have a big tent with many points of view.

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Abolishing the January 6 commission and investigating it is the only proper response to the kangaroo court Nancy Pelosi formed, allowing no one but her select Republicans to speak.

I could go on, but the prospect of a now bipartisan Congress, after what has happened in the past two years, is actually too much fun to seriously consider.

john ausmus


Use of the term ‘elder’

Re: Article on “Old Couple”.

I didn’t know if I should have laughed or cried this Monday morning, when I read the article, where the journalists referred to a couple as “elderly”; the gentleman is 62 and the woman is 59. As a proud 62-year-old woman, I think old is the last word I or my friends would use to describe myself or my 71-year-old husband. I know I found the word insulting, and I’m sure the two families profiled, and many others, thought the same.

robin schwartz

Colorado Springs

the rest of the story

The follow-up article about a 6-year-old Virginia boy who shot his teacher (January 20) headlined that this student (according to the family’s attorney) had been identified as acutely disabled. This headline for this article highlights that today’s teachers may have one or more students with acute disabilities (sometimes without an aide, as it appears in this case) and the teacher also has a classroom full of other students, which could be one of the reasons. why some schools might have lower scores than the schools of the 1950s.

Politicians from a certain party still place 100% of the blame for school achievement levels on teachers, while adding the false claim that unions (not school boards) run the schools. These politicians ignore the reality that today’s classrooms face a very different set of students and issues than classrooms in the 1950s. This includes the new reality of so many households having both parents working full-time jobs. that leave these parents with little time or energy to hold their children accountable for school work or help with their educational needs.

Placing 100% blame on teachers and unions has been an effective talking point for politicians, but The Gazette headline: “Lawyer: 6-year-old who shot teacher ‘acutely disabled,’ says (with a nod to Paul Harvey) the rest of the story.

goldberg rock

Colorado Springs

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