Last three days to claim cash from T-Mobile’s $350 million settlement as company hit by second major data breach

THE deadline to post payments on T-Mobile’s multi-billion dollar settlement is in just three days.

Eligible customers can get cash payments of $25, while California residents are entitled to $100.


Those who were exposed in the breach have three days to presentCredit: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

The telecommunications company has agreed to settle the $350 million lawsuit stemming from the 2021 criminal cyberattack.

This is where a breach exposed millions of user addresses, pins, and other personal information.

The company will reimburse those who qualify up to $25,000 if they had to spend time or money to recover from fraud or identity theft related to the violation, also known as Lost Time.

T-Mobile has also agreed to pay two years of McAfee Identity Theft Protection Service to anyone they believe was a victim of the attack.

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More than 76 million users have until January 23 to file a claim through T-Mobile’s settlement website.

Just keep in mind that in order to get paid, you have to file.


The deadline to submit via the website is January 23, 2023.

If you were notified of the proposed settlement by mail, you may confirm its status by emailing the Settlement Administrator or by calling 833-512-2314.

You can go to the T-Mobile settlement website and click submit a claim.

The full list of your legal rights and options are:

  • Submit a claim for out-of-pocket losses or lost time, or for an alternative cash payment
  • Filing a claim for identity defense services
  • Access to Restoration Services
  • Exclude yourself from the Settlement
  • Object to or comment on the Settlement
  • Do nothing

For more detailed information on each option, please go to the settlement website and review each option carefully.

You may also mail a completed paper claim form to:

  • T-Mobile Data Breach Settlement
  • c/o Kroll Settlement Administration LLC
  • PO Box 225391 New York, NY 10150-5391


Just this week, T-Mobile announced another data breach in which a hacker accessed the personal data of about 37 million customers.

Like the other breach, the stolen data includes name, billing address, email, phone number, and date of birth.

The company also revealed that the hacker obtained account numbers and line numbers in account and plan features.

While this breach went undetected until January 5, 2023, an SEC filing revealed that the hacker had been stealing data since November 25.

Within a day of receiving the alert about the attack, T-mobile patched the vulnerability and revealed that no company systems were breached, according to the SEC filing.

“Our investigation is still ongoing, but the malicious activity appears to be fully contained at this time, and there is currently no evidence that the bad actor was able to breach or compromise our systems or network,” the company added.

T-Mobile customers who feel they have been violated should be contacted directly via an automated notification from the company.

If you haven’t received a notification but are still concerned about your data, you can call 611 or any T-Mobile phone number to check with customer service about the status of your account.

The US Sun revealed another deal where customers can get cash.

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In addition, Thinx, a reusable period underwear company, is also offering claimants up to $100.

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