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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Reportedly ‘Never Even Lived Together’

A source close to The Kardashians star, Kylie Jenner, says that she and Travis Scott never moved in together. Kylie and the well-known rapper have been in an on-again, off-again relationship since 2017. The celebs have also welcomed two children together, one arriving early last year. Rumors surfaced that the two called it quits after fans noticed Travis’ absence from Kardashian-Jenner holiday gatherings. Kylie and Travis have yet to confirm the speculated second split themselves, but sources close to them have recently claimed it to be true.

A source recently provided an inside scoop into Kylie and Travis’ relationship dynamic – including their living situations – that possibly played a role in the suspected break-up. When discussing potential reasons why the couple never tied the knot, the source told People in an exclusive interview, “It’s always been very up and down. And they have never even lived together,” further, that, “they have always had separate homes.”

The source additionally referenced reports that the rapper didn’t spend the holidays with Kylie and her family, and further alleged the rumored split to be valid. “[Kylie] is not with Travis right now.” Moreover, the People insider implies that the reality TV star’s decision to “stand by” Travis following cheating claims didn’t accurately represent her response behind closed doors, providing exclusive details from the couple’s past that many fans have been curious about.

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The insider also spoke about Kylie’s current priorities and goals, and how they differ from Travis’s. “Kylie is very focused on her kids and her business. She is not a big partier. Travis is the opposite. He likes to party. They definitely have different focuses. They always did.” It is, without question, that Kylie, crowned as the youngest self-made billionaire in 2021, has a business-driven mindset. Dissimilarly, Travis seems to prioritize partying over time with his children – which is not usually desired behavior of a partner. The claim that the two stars have “always” had differing focuses speaks to the rockiness of their relationship and the likelihood of them working out in the long run.

Regardless of the newly reported information regarding their relationship, friends and fans of Kylie still believe that she and Travis will get back together again. The couple not only has a history of five years, but they have also created a family together. Whether Travis’ parental intentions and priorities meet the lengths of Kylie’s, he has shared, numerous times, that he wishes to play an active role in their lives. The source’s claims are unsettling for those who found relief in Kylie and Travis’ recently reported break up.

Aside from the issues reported by friends of Kylie, there is clearly something worth holding onto for her when it comes to Travis. Whether they eventually reconcile or not is to be determined, but it is widely anticipated by friends and fans. Clarification from the couple is not expected, as they have tried to maintain privacy on their status for years, but fans are hoping for some details in The Kardashians season 3. Kylie has previously welcomed a co-parenting effort from Travis, leaving the last question to be whether that arrangement stands this time around.

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Source: People

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