Keep Tyler Beautiful Unveils Three New Traffic Boxes With Floral Artwork

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Keep Tyler Beautiful has wrapped up three awesome new traffic charts.

This is part of the city’s Beauty and the Box program, which was started in 2016 to add more beauty to Tyler by using designs from local artists.

The project grew and there are already 94 boxes wrapped in vinyl. The initiative originally only added artwork to traffic cabinets in non-residential zoned areas, but they will now decorate other locations as well.

“We are now wrapping traffic boxes that are in residential areas as long as they are not right in front of a house,” said Erin Garner, Keep Tyler Beautiful coordinator. “We had several boxes like the one at Broadway Avenue and Rice Road that is considered residential but is not directly in a neighborhood. We are very excited to open the program up to these boxes, but we will limit the artwork to images of nature such as roses, azaleas, bees, and other flora and fauna that showcase Tyler’s natural beauty.”

The boxes listed below and their location were recently revealed:

Loop 323 and New Copeland Road
traffic box 2
Broadway Avenue and Rice Road
traffic box 3
Front Street and Lyons Avenue

The following boxes were also wrapped:

traffic 4
Circuit 323 and Earl Campbell Parkway
traffic box 4
Broadway Avenue and Centennial Parkway
traffic box 5
Front Street and Bonner Avenue

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