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Jonathan Majors Loved Getting Punched By Michael B. Jordan In Creed 3

Jonathan Majors says he took some real punches from Michael B. Jordan as they filmed Creed 3, and loved it. Jordan not only stars in the third Creed film as heavyweight boxing champion Adonis Creed, he also directed it. And among the actors Jordan had the privilege of guiding through the movie was Majors, someone who is about as hot as it gets right now on the Hollywood scene, thanks to roles in both Creed III and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Playing bad guys indeed seems to be Majors’ specialty right now, as he’s set to be the main antagonist of both Quantumania and Creed III. Of course, playing the bad guy in a Rocky/Creed franchise movie isn’t like playing the bad guy in a normal movie, because of the risk of getting punched for real. And indeed, Majors admits that he did take a few real punches from his co-star and director Jordan while shooting the movie’s boxing scenes. But Majors assures that he got in a few blows of his own as well. Check out what Majors said to Deadline in the space below:

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The public has already witnessed the incredible physical transformation Majors undertook in order to play Creed III’s Damian Anderson. Speaking about the character to Men’s Health, Majors explained that Damian’s drive to remake himself came from a place deep within. “There are certain reasons you build your body,” he said. “Dame’s body was built from loss.” Damian of course had plenty of time to build his body as he spent many years in prison, but when Creed III begins, he is out of jail and ready to reconnect with his childhood friend Adonis.

But as was also teased in Creed III’s trailer, Damian’s desire to meet up with Adonis again isn’t about trying to get together with a fondly remembered childhood pal. Instead, it’s plain that Damian bears a grudge against Adonis, which pushes Majors’ character to challenge Jordan’s in the ring. This time around, the stakes couldn’t be more personal. As Jordan put it recently during a press appearance (via /Film), Damian is “a pivotal person and a pillar in Adonis’s life that comes back around and needs to kind of get addressed.”

While there has often been much to criticize with the Rocky/Creed franchise when it comes to how realistic the boxing action actually is, there’s no question that the movies’ stars have taken their share of real physical punishment over the years. Stallone himself was on the receiving end of the series’ most notorious real blow, when Dolph Lundgren hit him so hard that Stallone was sent to the hospital with a swollen heart. It doesn’t sound like Majors suffered a blow quite that devastating while shooting boxing scenes with Jordan for Creed 3, which perhaps is why he’s now able to say he “loved” taking a few genuine shots from his director.

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Source: Deadline

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