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Is Creed Friends With Imogen & Flavia After Too Hot To Handle?

Creed McKinnon depicted his player persona in Too Hot To Handle season 4, but his friendships with former flames, Imogen Ewan and Flavia Laos Urbina, remains a mystery. On Too Hot To Handle, Creed was the least favorite contestant. The Aussie initially appeared as one of the genuine guys on the show, and this changed when he pursued two women at once.

Creed initially tried approaching model Kayla Richart, but he failed at trying to build a connection with her. He further went on to pursue a relatoonship with British beauty Sophie Stonehouse. The couple seemed to be moving forward with their bond, after breaking some rules and forming an emotional connection along the way. However, Creed and Sophie’s connection didn’t last long, as Creed ditched Sophie to explore a relationship with new arrival, Flavia. Later, Creed showed disappointing behavior when he started switching between Flavia and another new arrival Imogen. Creed was eliminated for his shady actions on Too Hot To Handle, and shared an update on whether he is still friends with Imogen and Flavia.

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Creed and Flavia’s relationship was uncertain during the end of Too Hot To Handle, but the duo seems to be hitting it off as friends after filming the show. Recently, the cast had a get-together in London, where they partied, traveled, and shared all about it on Instagram. Creed posted an Instagram reel with Flavia, where the duo was seen partying together and creating a lot of great memories. He captioned the video by saying, “An Australian and a Peruvian know how to shake the house up.” Creed recently shared another Instagram post, narrating all the beautiful experiences he had with Flavia.

Creed’s relationship with Imogen seemed to have no hope, as the duo had a dramatic ending on Too Hot To Handle. However, Creed and Imogen reunited in Los Angeles. Creed posted an Instagram reel with Imogen, and he captioned it saying, “Two Aussie kangaroos hopping around LA .” In addition, Imogen has also entered a new stage of her life after her time at the retreat, and is currently enjoying her pregnancy. Creed supported his friend Imogen by posting an Instagram story, wishing her the best in her life ahead as a mother.

It seems like Creed reconnected with all of his former connections, including Sophie, after the show. Sophie was also present at the Too Hot To Handle season 4 cast get-together in London. Creed and Sophie took some time to mend their differences and became good friends. Aussie native Creed had a wild journey on Too Hot To Handle, and he is currently enjoying partying with his cast mates from the show.

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