Ireland: Open borders leaders now begging migrants to stay away

The groveling politicians of Ireland are free to decide who comes into their country and who doesn’t, but they have lost sight of this freedom, and most importantly, of their duty to protect their borders. Globalist states have been telling their populations that open borders were beneficial. Begging migrants to stay away hardly demonstrates the truth of this claim. These desperate politicians can’t possibly think that begging migrants to stay away would work. They are likely making a show for the public as they try to control the public discourse, deflect scrutiny of their woeful irresponsibility, and put the onus on the migrants. According to the Irish Times:

Politicians have expressed concern at the ability of far-right groups to exploit community anger over a lack of consultation about the housing of refugees and asylum seekers in some areas.

Globalist politicians now use the word “far right” to mean anyone who criticizes their reckless policies. Woke ideologues are doomed to fail on all sides, and sink their societies. However, as a result of their own destructive policies, those ideologues will not be the ones who will face extreme poverty and/or security risks.

“We’re Full: Open Borders Ireland Begs Migrants to Stay Away,” by Peter Caddle, Breitbart, January 25, 2023:

Ireland’s pro-open borders government has begged on Twitter for migrants looking to claim asylum in the country to stay away.

Despite having initially insisted it would take in a limitless number of refugees and asylum seekers from Ukraine and beyond, Ireland’s open borders government is now desperate for migrants to refrain from coming to the island nation, with the country even now taking to social media to repeatedly beg would-be arrivals to stay way on social media platform Twitter.

The new social media campaign represents a new low in the country’s ongoing migrant crisis, which has seen local resources and housing supplies overwhelmed amid the tens of thousands of arrivals flooding into the country of only around five million people.

According to a report by state-owned broadcaster RTÉ, authorities are now saying that they will no longer be able to offer accommodation to non-Ukrainian adult migrants seeking to claim asylum in the country.

“The response to the ongoing migration crisis has now entered an extremely difficult phase, with insufficient accommodation available nationwide for international protection applicants, and the outlook for accommodation for people fleeing the war in Ukraine is also challenging,” a statement from the country’s integration department reportedly reads.

“As a result of this, it has now become necessary to pause the provision of emergency shelter for IP (International Protection applicant) adults arriving into the Transit Hub at Citywest,” it continues, with the department adding that: “IP applicants who are not provided with accommodation upon arrival or when applying for International Protection at the international Protection Office will have their contact details taken and be contacted as soon as accommodation becomes available.”…..

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