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“I’m bawling my eyes out”: RuPaul’s Drag Race fans are upset after Sugar gets eliminated in season 15 episode 4

MTV’s RuPaul’s Race season 15 as of late delivered a spic and span episode, leaving fans and watchers back home snared to their screens. Albeit the episode was a hit, many were left upset after a much-cherished candidate was disposed of.

RuPaul’s Race season 15 broadcasted with episode 4 on Friday night, January 20, 2023, at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT just on MTV. Dissimilar to past seasons, this time the series just airs for 60 minutes. The current week’s episode displayed the 14 excess cross dressers contending with one another in a maxi Grab Game.


Albeit the test was isolated into two sections, at last only one could leave as the episode’s champ, and the choice relied completely upon the passing judgment on board. This week on RuPaul’s Race season 15, the new visitor judge who graced the stage was, in all honesty, Bodies Bodies and Appetite Games star Amandla Stenberg.

At last, Loosey won the test for her portrayal of Joan Waterways. Tragically, Sugar, Zest, and Quality thought of themselves as in the last three. Mom Ru then, at that point, saved Air and uncovered that Sugar and Zest needed to fight it out in the lip sync challenge for the last spot in the best 13.

Eventually, Flavor won and Sugar was killed. Fans who saw Sugar return home took to web-based entertainment to impart their insights. They were upset to see their #1 cross dresser sashay away.

Taking to Twitter, fans guaranteed that they didn’t anticipate seeing Sugar get killed. Many added that they were personal and that the cross dresser didn’t have the right to return home.

A few fans likewise trusted that the series has a recovery episode to bring Sugar once more into the opposition.

The authority abstract for episode four of the celebrated unscripted television rivalry series read:

“Ru presents a twofold aiding of the big name pantomime game show, with the sovereigns playing in two rounds, with two distinct projects of characters. Amandla Stenberg (The Disdain U Give) visitor judges.”
Talking about the grab game, Mom Ru shared:

“This season’s Grab Game will be longer, thicker and juicier than any time in recent memory. Without precedent for Race herstory, we’ll play the game in two rounds with two unique projects of characters.”
For the Grab Game, Sugar and Flavor were in the subsequent gathering. Sugar embodied games YouTuber Trisha Paytas and Flavor embodied acclaimed artist Miley Cyrus. Despite the fact that Flavor went full country while addressing Cyrus, Sugar didn’t address Trisha totally.

Subsequent to ending up in the base, the two needed to lip sync to You Better Show to Pat Benatar. Both cross dressers were performing great until Sugar stumbled. Eventually, Mom Ru uncovered that Flavor was remaining and Sugar needed to sashay away.

One week from now, the series will return for an all-new-episode where one sovereign will be sent home.

RuPaul’s Race season 15 airs each Friday night at 8 pm ET just on MTV. Perusers can really take a look at their neighborhood postings for more data.

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