Hungary condemns West for denying Muslim persecution of Christians

The West denies this persecution for fear of being called “Islamophobic,” and because it doesn’t fit the dominant narrative, in which Christians are always oppressors and Muslims are always victims. Will the West ever discard that narrative, or will its leaders cling to it to the point of civilizational suicide?

“Hungary Condemns West ‘For Denying’ Christian Persecution,” by Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife, January 18, 2023:

BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife) – Hungary’s rightwing government has condemned the West for allegedly playing down the persecution of Christians after Islamists in Africa killed and injured dozens of believers on Sunday, including a priest.

Tristan Azbej, state secretary at Hungary’s foreign ministry, said politicians in the West “must stop their denial.”

He added that “a dozen Christians a day are not murdered because of climate change or local clashes, but because of their religion.

Azbej, who leads the world’s first government department dedicated to persecuted Christians, spoke as news emerged that suspected Islamist terrorists attacked a Catholic parish in Nigeria and burnt to death the local priest there.

Priest Isaac Achi was burned alive over the weekend in the Nigerian town of Kafin-Koro, while his assistant was rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds, church sources said.

Azbej stressed that “condolences were not enough” and that the “international community should take proactive steps.”

He explained that the government’s Hungary Helps program assists “Christians in Africa subject to terrorist attacks.”…

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