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How To Unlock (& Use) The Fortune Teller In Fire Emblem Engage

Fortune Telling is an activity in Fire Emblem Engage that lets players see what one of the characters in their roster is worrying about and whom they are thinking of. Knowing what a unit is concerned about does not offer any advantages or changes to gameplay. Instead, players can consider it “flavor text,” giving insight into the character’s personality and thoughts for roleplay or lore-related purposes. On the other hand, what a character thinks of makes a difference, as it indicates which unit will most likely increase the Support Rank between the two. For instance, if Timerra thinks of Diamant, placing the two in battle together can bolster their Support.

To gain access to the Fortune Telling mechanic in Fire Emblem Engage requires players first to unlock the “Fortune Teller,” Seadall. For those unfamiliar, Seadall is an S-Tier Dancer unit from Solm that players can recruit after clearing Chapter 15: Dancer in the Ruins. During this chapter, the Divine Dragon is tasked with helping the Dancer escape enemies in the Northern Fortress. Once players emerge victorious, they can speak with Seadall during post-battle exploration to recruit him to their playable roster of characters.

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Since Seadall is a playable character, he will have a list of Likes and Dislikes regarding the Gifts that players can give him. However, the protagonist’s relationship will not affect the Fortune Teller’s availability in Fire Emblem Engage, as the mechanic will become immediately accessible upon returning to the Somniel. However, based on Fire Emblem Engage gameplay recorded by YouTuber BenFM, the Fortune Teller’s services are only available after nightfall. Therefore, visiting the shop during the day will have no effect, but if players head to the POI at night, they will find Seadall standing in front of the entrance.

If Fire Emblem Engage players struggle to find Seadall’s Fortune Teller establishment in the Somniel, Gamepur states that the shop can be found southeast of the central Plaza, between the farmstead and Flea Market. After arriving at the Fortune Teller at night, players can talk to Seadall to view a list of all the units in their roster. They can then select a character to see their concerns and the person they are thinking about.

As mentioned above, this mechanic is useful for raising Support, but Gamepur states that players should note that the other party might not be thinking of the unit whose Fortune is being told. Moreover, the Fortune Telling system favors less-used characters, giving players a reason to take them out into the field.

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Source: YouTube/BenFM | Gamepur

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