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How To Unlock Gear 4 In One Piece Odyssey

Developed by Luffy during his training on Rusukaina, Gear 4 is one of the Straw Hat protagonist’s most powerful transformations in One Piece Odyssey that players can use to deal massive amounts of damage on enemy targets. Fans of the anime or manga will likely recall that Luffy used his Gear 4 form when battling against Donquixote Doflamingo, the captain of the Donquixote Pirates. The attacks used in this form are exceptionally potent and capable of defeating the strongest of enemies. Accordingly, many fans progressing through the story of One Piece Odyssey are likely curious if Gear 4 is available for Luffy to use.

One Piece Odyssey will feature Luffy using Gear 4 during Chapter Eight: Kingdom in Conflict: Battle of Dressrosa. Therefore, players must clear Chapters One through Seven to reach the point in the story during which Luffy and his Straw Hat crew face off against Donflamingo.

Depending on the speed at which one plays through the game, reaching Chapter Eight could take approximately twenty hours or longer, particularly if players are completing any available side content or Bounties. Whatever the case, unlocking Gear 4 for Luffy is an unskippable sequence during the main story.

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Based on gameplay by YouTube content creator MELOO, players must first defeat Donflamingo in a boss battle during the Dressrosa Arc in One Piece Odyssey before Luffy unleashes his Gear 4 techniques on the warlord. This fight will be quite challenging; therefore, players must ensure they utilize all of their characters’ strongest abilities to defeat the boss quickly, as out-sustaining the opponent will prove to be difficult. After the combat sequence ends, a cutscene will play with Luffy transforming into Gear 4 and pounding the warlord into the ground.

Unfortunately, there is no way to control Luffy during the cutscene after he utilizes Gear 4 against Donflamingo in One Piece Odyssey. Nevertheless, the spectacle is still exceptionally appealing and a worthwhile watch that fans will love. Once Donflamingo has been defeated, players will unlock Luffy’s Gear 4 ability, King Kong Gun. According to sources at Attack of the Fanboy, Snakeman and other abilities will become available after players have progressed the story and found cubes while exploring areas traversed during the main story. Additionally, it is important to note that since the story arcs of One Piece Odyssey occur after Whole Cake, players will not experience Luffy’s Gear 5 form in the base version of the game.

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Source: Attack of the Fanboy | YouTube/MELOO

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