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How To Increase Charm In Persona 3

In Persona 3, players can increase multiple social stats to rank up and gain benefits; this includes the Charm stat, which is used to unlock certain social links within the game. Increasing charm will let players fuse new Persona, learn new skills, and also access new options within the game which would otherwise be locked.

Persona 3 was initially released in 2006 but was updated with the release of Persona 3 Portable and is being released in January 2023 for Xbox Game Pass. With this release, more players will be able to enjoy the game, working through ranks of various stats to achieve their elite status. Charm is one of the stats that can help players go a long way.

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Charm is different for different gendered player characters in Persona 3. While the difference is slight, it is worth knowing that the unlocks differ for male and female characters. The table below shows what the different characters unlock and at which rank.

There are various methods to increase Charm throughout Persona 3, and some might require in-game time management. However, there are some simple ways to do so. This includes getting good results on exams, which will give the player various increases to Charm based on how well they do, from +1 for slightly above average to +4 for the best score in the class. Pop quizzes and answering questions correctly in class will also increase Charm slightly. This is part of the social high school experience in Persona 3.

To further increase Charm, visiting or working the Chagall Cafe will give players +2 Charm. This will cost money (or time if the player is working there), but other options will also cost money. For instance, the photo club at the Arcade will grant players increases in Charm, but this may become expensive in the long run. Seeing a movie or attending the Film Festival will also increase Charm. Working at the De Ja Blue will similarly to working at the cafe increase Charm in Persona 3. For players wanting a quick meal, going to the Iwatodai Strip Mall and ordering Hagakure Ramen for 900 Yen will increase Charm by 3.

To fully max out Charm using the above method in the portable version of the game, it will take 100 points. Persona games have many ways to increase Social Stats, and this one is no different. To see the ranks and how many points are needed for each one, the chart below will inform players what rank they are approaching in the game. With every rank unlocked, the player’s journey through Persona 3 will be much easier with their new social links.

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