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How to Get Infinite Rank in Fallout 76

Despite the technical lack of a level cap in Fallout 76, players are able to rank their character up to an infinite degree after hitting the S.P.E.C.I.A.L cap at level 50, earning perk cards that increase in level exponentially through various sources of experience. Hundreds of these perk cards exist to give players more content after they exhaust the S.P.E.C.I.A.L points available in relation to attributes, which may only have 15 points maximum assigned at a time. Reaching gold level and beyond for many of these perks requires much dedication, but there are ways to earn XP quickly in order to reach these stages consistently.

The easiest and perhaps most prevalent way to earn Infinite Rank in Fallout 76 would be for players to simply engage in large enemy battles, using upgraded weapons to make the encounters as fast as possible. Many instances of combat tie into the player’s daily missions, which grant boosted amounts of XP compared to normal challenges with none of the tedium that comes with the usual grind. Tackling these missions with friends contributes to the amount of Intelligence Points players earn throughout days in-game, a resource that allows for continuous XP growth along with Fallout 76‘s public events for huge bonuses.

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Players can use a hidden strategy using perk combinations to gain upwards of 11.25 Intelligence Points for an hour when eating an item called a Brain Bomb. The Curator perk, the Live, Laugh, and Love #3 perk magazine, the Strange in Numbers perk, and the Herbivore mutation provides the right relationship between player stats to induce this power-up for a limited duration, allowing a steady growth in XP for higher ranks. The reason why Intelligence is considered so important by players of Fallout 76 and its updates comes from the 2% boost given to XP received per attribute, making the focus on this aspect the most important feature for gaining ranks.

Other options that exist within Fallout 76 for increasing Intelligence are:

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