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How to Defeat AI Turo in Pokémon Violet

Pokémon Violet players will descend into the depths of the Great Crater of Paldea with the friends they’ve made on their journey to rescue Professor Turo from his lab in Area Zero. Alongside Arven, Penny, and Nemona, the path to the Professor’s lab is wrought with shocking twists and tough battles against futuristic Paradox Pokémon. On their quest to save the Professor, trainers must also save the Paldea region. This is no easy feat as trainers must battle the Professor himself, and his team of the region’s future Pokémon may just be the toughest team of monsters that players will face on their adventure.

After defeating the Pokémon League in Pokémon Violet, the version-exclusive Professor Turo must be reached within Area Zero of the Great Crater of Paldea. Players will soon learn that the late Professor passed away years prior to their rescue mission, and his likeness is actually an AI created by the Professor to carry on his knowledge and memories. In a turn of events, AI Turo requests that players put a stop to the time machine created by the Professor before he passed away. However, the AI and his team of Paradox Pokémon must be defeated in battle in order to successfully destroy Professor Turo’s time machine.

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With a team of Pokémon Violet’s version-exclusive Paradox Pokémon, AI Turo might be the toughest opponent that players will face in battle on their journey through Paldea. Including Iron Moth, Iron Hands, Iron Bundle, Iron Thorns, Iron Jugulis, and Iron Valiant, the Professor’s team of futuristic monsters is deceiving in that each monster has a dual-typing, but none are Steel-type Pokémon as their names might suggest.

The sheer versatility of Turo’s team does make him a formidable opponent, but the AI doesn’t make use of any particular strategies. This gives trainers an opening to outsmart the Professor’s likeness with a strategy of their own while playing to the unique strengths of their Pokémon.

Turo’s Iron Moth and Iron Thorns both sport a 4X weakness to the Ground-type Pokémon in Pokémon Violet, giving his team a collective 3X weakness to Ground-, Psychic-, and Fairy-types, and putting him at a huge disadvantage against players who utilize monsters and moves of these three types. Additionally, Turo’s team is 2X weak to Electric-, Fighting-, and Rock-type moves.

The best way to defeat the Professor is to use these six type-disadvantages against his team by landing super-effective hits whenever possible. This should not pose a problem for players with diverse teams, but trainers can always teach their monsters super-effective moves using TMs if they are lacking monsters of these types.

Following his defeat in battle, AI Turo will then send out his Miraidon. Unlike the player’s own lovable legendary in Pokémon Violet, Turo’s Miraidon has an alternative move-set consisting of Taunt, Charge, Hyper Beam, and Power Gem. The only way to defeat the legendary Pokémon is to send out the Miraidon that accompanied players on their adventure in Paldea and follow the game’s somewhat scripted battle.

When the player’s own Miraidon is close to fainting, they will be instructed to terastalize the legendary Pokémon and use the move Tera Blast, resulting in a super-effective hit that is guaranteed to knock out the opposing Miraidon, effectively saving the region once again in Pokémon Violet.

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