How Palo Alto Networks is building next-generation Zero Trust leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning

In Episode 42 of Acceleration Economy Minute, Kieron Allen explains how Palo Alto Networks, a top 10 cybersecurity company as a business enabler, is creating the next generation of zero-trust technologies.


00:14 — Palo Alto Networks Senior Vice President Kumar Ramachandran has recognized a formal hybrid work model in which much-needed face-to-face time is required in the enterprise, at the same time that companies are investing heavily in technologies to make work easier. secure remote.

00:36 — In response to this development, Palo Alto Networks is increasing its commitment to artificial intelligence and machine learning-enabled security to support what it sees as the next generation of zero-trust technologies. This focus on AI and ML is all about simplification and user experience (UX).

01:11 — This recognition highlights that the more users are exposed to these technologies, the more they will want to get out of these technologies. To get the most out of them, technologies must be easy to use.

01:41 — Palo Alto Networks responds to the fact that cybersecurity is a complicated practice that needs to be made simple.

02:04 — The only way to simplify complex areas and technology stacks is to apply more cutting-edge solutions. This highlights the fact that we are in a world of digital crossroads: companies and technology users are increasingly uniting towards a particular goal.

02:34 — When incorporating new technologies, it is important to look at the full scope in which these technologies can be applied. This will ensure teams take full advantage of the technology’s capabilities.

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