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How Many Brothers Does Hans Have

How Many Brothers Does Hans Have: Neither Hans nor his brothers appear in Disney’s 2013 animated feature film Frozen, but they are mentioned in passing. As an expository novel, “A Frozen Heart” provides an in-depth look at Prince Hans’ twelve older brothers and the oldest princes of the Southern Isles. Frozen’s Hans Westergaard, a.k.a. Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, is a Fictional character created by Walt Disney Animation Studios for the studio’s 53rd feature film.

How Many Brothers Does Hans Have

Santino Fontana provides the character’s voice in the movie. Hans is the thirteenth Southern Isles prince. By marrying the daughter of another country’s ruler, his plan is to seize the monarchy of his own country and take the kingdom for himself. After first being depicted as honorable and trustworthy, it is eventually discovered that he is dishonest, calculated, and cruel.

In the film’s last act, Hans’ villainy is exposed as a plot twist. Hans’ treachery has gotten mixed reviews from various critics, despite the film’s high praise. Hans’ villainous reveal has been criticized for being too shocking and confusing for the film’s younger audience despite the character’s skill at deception and Fontana’s performance being lauded. However, some have viewed the character’s transformation into a different person as a beneficial lesson for children.

In contrast to Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, however, everyone in the world of Frozen knows it already. As Anna’s ill-thought-out marriage shows, the cliché is unrealistic and absurd—in her case, it is even hazardous, as her handsome prince turns out to be a two-faced villain.” ThinkProgress’ Alyssa Rosenberg adopted a more moderate stance, writing, “In my opinion, Frozen is part of a pattern of giving Prince Charming more weight than is customary in fairy tales. This is a positive thing, as well. In the absence of Hans, Frozen might have been a dud. In spite of this, I found myself sympathizing with the man.”


History and definition

As early as 1943, Walt Disney considered the possibility of making a biographical film about Hans Christian Andersen, the author of the fairy tale The Snow Queen. However, the tale and characters proved to be too symbolic and implicit for Disney and his animators to overcome. Other Disney executives attempted to adapt this material for the big screen in the future, but all of their efforts were canceled owing to the same problems.


He is voiced by Santino Fontana in both Frozen and Frozen Fever. Fontana explained how he felt about portraying the part “Quite fantastic, in fact… To this day, when I imagine what it would be like to be an actor, I imagine it’s like wanting to reach the point where the floor is lava and having that childlike sensation… If I can reach that zone where I feel like I’m still playing like a kid, then I’ll be happy. And the beauty of animation is that you’re not constrained by the constraints of physics or logic.”

How Many Brothers Does Hans Have
How Many Brothers Does Hans Have

The sound of other people

This film has been dubbed by some local TV stations in their own languages since 2013. (namely: Albanian, Arabic TV, Karachay-Balkar, Persian, and Tagalog). Later, one of the film’s animators, Hyrum Osmond, disclosed that a brief moment in the “Love Is an Open Door” musical sequence where Hans, belting out a high note, closes his eyes and lifts his arm, was a spoof of a hallmark action by Donny Osmond, of which Hyrum is a nephew.

Conceptualization and depiction

Typically, the protagonist of the film suffers a dramatic change of heart (e.g. Aladdin goes from street rat to prince, Cinderella from servant to princess). Hans transforms from a courtly charmer to a ruthless monster in Frozen. A Hans animator, Hyrum Osmond, says the character initially appears to be attractive and dashing. Their goal was to get viewers to fall head over heels in love with him and the prospect of his romance with Anna. Then they’d have to turn him around and shock him at the climax.

When other characters aren’t feeling at home in their own environment, Hans is there to make them feel at ease, says Lino Di Salvo. According to character design supervisor Bill Schwab, one of the most difficult components of creating Hans was not giving away too much of his personality in the process. He has a lot in common with a number of Disney villains. Particularly noteworthy is Lady Tremaine’s treatment of Anna near the end of the novel. he shares Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective, Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Scar from The Lion King, and Jafar from Aladdin, intentions for wanting to murder and install themselves as king (which only Ratigan, Frollo, and Hans were able to almost fulfill, while Jafar decided he would force Jasmine to marry him and not kill her.).

While Scar had succeeded in killing Mufasa and assuming the throne, Simba, who had forced Scar to confess during their fight, had managed to thwart his plans. Like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, he is the town’s youngest villain and the townspeople fell in love with him at an early age. In contrast to Belle’s skepticism of Gaston, who was instantly exposed for what he really is, Anna’s distrust of Hans was earned over time rather than blind loyalty. Later, when Anna finds that Elsa and Kristoff were right about her falling in love with someone she’d just met, he leaves a lasting and unpleasant impression.

Fever from the Cold

As part of his penance from his family for his misdeeds against Queen Elsa and Arendelle, Hans is shown in Frozen Fever picking up horse excrement in the Southern Isles. Laughing at Hans’ misery after he is accidently catapulted into a pile of excrement, the horses in the stable chuckle after he had sneezed in her birthday bugle horn.

The sequel to Frozen

He appears in Elsa’s past frozen incarnations when Elsa annihilates his figure because she is enraged by his prior actions, and is frequently discussed in Frozen II.

How Many Brothers Does Hans Have
How Many Brothers Does Hans Have

Third installment of the Kingdom Hearts series

Hans only appears in two brief cameos, both of which reenact sequences from the movie. He is uncredited. Initially, Sora witnesses him carrying Elsa, unconscious, back to the kingdom where she will be put to death. Noticing the depth of his evil, Sora declares his desire to murder him in order to save Elsa and Arendelle from any further suffering. In the film, Hans appears and tries to kill Elsa, but Anna intervenes by freezing him and knocking him to the ground, just like in the movie. Skoll, a wolf-like Heartless, emerges as the world’s major boss after Hans is consumed by his own darkness and gives birth to a wolf-like Heartless. When Skoll is destroyed, Hans perishes, joining Mother Gothel and the Tremaine family in the Realm of Darkness.


Critics were split on whether or not Hans’ deception was revealed in the film, despite its wide critical acclaim. ‘Children will, in their lifetimes, necessarily learn that not everyone who looks or feels trustworthy is trustworthy—but Frozen’s big shock is a needlessly distressing method to teach that lesson,’ said Gina Dalfonzo from The Atlantic on the reveal. Other critics, on the other hand, found the film to be a disappointment: As Melissa Leon of The Daily Beast put it, ” “Anna’s antics are out of control.

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