Germany: Afghan Muslim migrants attack funeral service, sexually harass elderly ladies, mayor closes migrant homes

People who would behave this way have utter contempt for the culture of the country that welcomed them as refugees, and regard all its native women as whores. Where would these migrants have gotten these ideas?

“After criminal acts: Mayor terminates leases for refugee homes,” translated from “Nach kriminellen Taten: Bürgermeister kündigt Mietverträge für Flüchtlingsheime,” by Matthias Nikolaidis, Tichys Einblick, January 18, 2023 (thanks to Medforth):

In Peutenhausen, Bavaria, there were robberies and harassment by Roma and Afghans. The mayor therefore wants to force the closure of the two migrant homes. The village no longer wants to take in bogus, barbarized “war refugees.”…

But in mid-December, an incident occurred that was even more disturbing. Two young Afghans, who were “seriously drunk,” according to Tyroller, disrupted a funeral service in the village church. Elderly women were sexually harassed and had their clothes pulled. One was even bitten on the ear. The judgment of the fire brigade commander Tyroller was clear, albeit moderately presented: “From then on it was finally over. If you are a guest, you should behave like a guest. And not like an idiot.”
Tyroller cautions that not all migrants behave this way. But the mood in the village changed from then on. In addition, the voluntary helper group of the village has dissolved. Until recently, 25 people in the village looked after refugees and migrants. But more and more gave up the unpaid work – even before the incidents.

Mayor Alfred Lengler adds that the village and the municipality to which it belongs have not received any help from higher-level authorities either. Like so many others, the community would be “excessively strained” in the forthcoming migration crisis. There are fewer and fewer helpers. And the young men who kept arriving just “acted crazy at some point.”

The answer from the village and the mayor is definitely decisive. Lengler has terminated the rental agreement for two migrant accommodations with the district office. actually even without notice, only that was not accepted. The leases for the two houses will now expire at the end of 2023 and on March 31, 2024, respectively. But then it should be over with assigned migrants in Peutenhausen. “The community has done its duty,” says Mayor Lengler.

Many communities experience something similar to Peutenhausen in Upper Bavaria. 45 percent of the Bavarian helper circles report a significant loss of members. And no one can claim that this is only due to the “aging” of the helpers. Of course, the crisis in volunteering as a whole is also playing a role, and when someone has been in the business for years, there is bound to be some exhaustion. In addition, there is also a certain lack of prospects if a migration crisis is simply continued and extended again and again every year. Hardly anyone seems to consider what is happening to be normal.

However, the absence of the helpers means that the “young men,” who are often difficult to integrate, are even more isolated from the society around them. The chairman of the Bavarian refugee helpers association, Joachim Jacob, reports that there is no time for “real integration work” – whatever that may be. At this point, nobody takes over the baton from the helpers. According to Jacob, this is a defect. There are, however, full-time “carers” in the district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, ten in number, who now allegedly want to intensify their work in Peutenhausen. In addition, the police want to drive more patrols.

Little Peutenhausen can at least say goodbye to the problem by early 2024 if everything goes as planned. But not all villages have such a lively village life and such a strong self-confidence. “Dear fellow citizens, dear guests of our community,” Mayor Alfred Lengler welcomes all those addressed in the community and its districts. The website looks tidy.

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