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George R R Martin's Cameo Promise Supports A Good Game Of Thrones Future

The future of the Game of Thrones franchise got a thumbs-up from George R. R. Martin as he expressed interest in cameoing in a potential spin-off. Martin was actually set to cameo in the initial pilot for Game of Thrones. However, that episode was quickly scrapped and completely redone, so Martin’s cameo never came to fruition. A lot has changed since then. Over its decade-long run, Game of Thrones became HBO’s flagship program, although, by the end, public appreciation had dwindled. It had gone so far beyond its source material, A Song of Ice and Fire, that to many, the show lost its foundation and suffered in some regard.

House of the Dragon thankfully restored order and scratched that itch for those wanting more stories from Westeros. The world has been waiting for the next book since 2011’s A Dance with Dragons, and Martin’s signaled the finish line is within sight. The Winds of Winter will be the longest in the series, and for good measure, as it has a lot more intertwining storylines and characters to manage than even Game of Thrones had. Martin’s well aware of how long it’s taken him on that front, joking self-deprecatingly, yet he’s certainly hopeful for what the future holds for future Game of Thrones.

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Specifically, Martin responded to a question at SDCC (via YouTube), stating he is interested but doesn’t plan on cameoing until he’s done writing. This offhand comment does signal some confidence in a promising future for the Game of Thrones franchise. He must feel like his work is in the right hands. Ryan Condel and his collaborators behind House of the Dragon certainly proved they’re worthy by making one of the best tv shows of 2022. If Martin wasn’t happy with how things were progressing, logically, he wouldn’t be open to such an opportunity. However, he must finish writing first, and given his track record, that’s a long way away.

Hypothetically, were Martin to cameo in House of the Dragon and/or another Game of Thrones spin-off(s), he would’ve completed The Winds of Winter. Intriguingly, given its production schedule, House of the Dragon could take until 2028 to get through the four seasons of the “Dance of the Dragons.” The hopes are that it will then explore other turbulent moments in the Targaryen’s history and delve more into Aegon’s “Song of Ice and Fire.” By then, The Winds of Winter should certainly be out, and the franchise could have even more secure foundations, so a Martin cameo would be feasible.

The groundbreaking success of House of the Dragon, rivaling Game of Thrones at its peak in viewership, proves that audiences are eager for more stories in Westeros. Martin’s comments, made before House of the Dragon ever premiered, showcase his confidence in what other creatives are doing with his work. If he felt the TV shows are subpar, he wouldn’t support them so readily, and he definitely wouldn’t be pushing to get even more made. Currently, there are six Game of Thrones spin-offs publicly in development, and if everything goes according to plan for them, there’s plenty for fans to look forward to.

A Jon Snow spin-off was announced in June, which could essentially function as Game of Thrones season 9 as it follows Snow in his new life above the wall. Additionally, there’s The Sea Snake about a young Corlys Velaryon’s nine great voyages all over the world, 10,000 Ships about the legendary queen, Nymeria, Tales of Dunk and Egg, based on the delightful novellas, and even an animated series in the works. Unfortunately, the ongoing shakeups to HBO Max and Warner Bros. Discovery might be derailing their progress, according to Martin (via Variety). However, should things work out, Martin would have his choice of Game of Thrones spin-offs to cameo in.

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