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Forspoken: How to Find More Old Coins (& What They’re For)

There are a few fun tools and items to buy in Forspoken, but if players want anything, they’ll need to spend Old Coins. Most in Athia don’t care for money, but some traders will give special items for a few coins. These items are either books, exploration/crafting tools, or cat toys that provide useful perks or make the game a little brighter.

Forspoken‘s map size compared to other RPGs is big enough to easily hide Old Coins and their chests throughout the map. Most of the time, Old Coins come from Old Coin Chests. Each large white chest has a Mystic Lock puzzle on it, which has the player form an unbroken line between two icons by sliding panels around a closed area and results in rewarding players with a few Old Coins for Frey’s collection.

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Old Coins in Forspoken are also common around the city of Cipal. These coins lay in crevices, high ledges, shadowy cliffs in Cipal, Dead Man’s Ledge, and The Blessed Plains. While some Old Coins can be easily grabbed once spotted, other Old Coins require players to use Forspoken‘s magical parkour system to reach, alongside a few quick reflexes.

As previously stated, there isn’t much gameplay that requires Frey to buy anything. Anything Frey can buy with Old Coins in Forspoken is optional yet could provide useful perks. There are only three shops in Forspoken that accept Frey’s Old Coins; the Bookseller, the Cat Lady, and the Curiosity Shop. The Bookseller and the Cat Lady can be found in Cipal but won’t be accessible until players complete various portions of the story. The Bookseller’s books can help upgrade Frey’s gear, while the Cat Lady sells cat toys for Frey’s room (a light-hearted addition to Forspoken‘s dark themes and story).

The Curiosity Shop is unlocked before the Cat Lady in the region of Visoria. Players can find the shop at the southern edge of Inner Visoria. The Curio Collector’s wares are more useful than the Bookseller or Cat Lady, so players should save their Old Coins in Forspoken for the Curiosity Shop. The items for sale allow Frey to craft new items, transform natural resources, increase her mana range, and more.

Hunting Old Coins throughout Forspoken shouldn’t be too tricky, as the game has multiple mechanics to help players find chests and loose coins. In addition, there isn’t much pressure to buy items, as players can remain strong and entertained through Forspoken‘s magical mechanics. Still, should players find they have a decent number of Old Coins in their pocket, it would be worth buying a few useful tools in Forspoken. If players want additional information on where to spend Old Coins, they can have a look at Gamers Heroes’ video below:

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Source: YouTube/GamersHeroes

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