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Fire Emblem Engage: How to Adopt Animals

Adopting animals is an optional feature in Fire Emblem Engage that players can utilize to obtain resources and materials practical for upgrading equipment, cooking, and other activities that squad members conduct within the Somniel. Roleplay-wise, these friendly creatures can also offer emotional support after one’s units return from a fierce battle. The continent of Elyos can be harsh and unforgiving to those courageous enough to combat the forces of evil. Returning to the farmstead after a fight and seeing one’s lovable pets waiting with gifts is something no player should want to miss out on.

Unlike the complicated complexities of changing Base and Advanced Classes in Fire Emblem Engage, Animal adoption is a straightforward and stress-free procedure. After achieving victory and clearing the concluding combat sequence of a chapter, players will be given time to “free roam” and explore the map where they formerly fought. During this time, adventurers can speak with their units, interact with NPCs, and gather resources found at fixed nodes across the map. Additionally, players glancing at the minimap will notice several brown circle icons. These icons represent animals that can be adopted and taken back to one’s farm in the Somniel.

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However, newcomers must keep in mind that the ability to adopt animals does not become available until the end of Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom. This is the chapter during which players must face and defeat Rodine in Florra Mill Town. The Fire Emblem battle can be challenging, but recruiting Celine, Chloe, and Louis to the roster will doubtless help players achieve victory. Once the battle is over, players can examine their map and visit the brown circle icons to encounter an Elyosian Sheep, an Elyosian Dog, a Calisson Chicken, and a Mere Donkey.

Based on gameplay footage from YouTuber Jason’s Video Games Source, Fire Emblem Engage adventurers can immediately adopt the Elyosian Sheep and Elyosian Dog. However, when attempting to adopt the Calisson Chicken, players will receive a pop-up message stating that they cannot adopt it because they “don’t know how to raise it.”

Of course, this restriction has nothing to do with the challenges of raising chickens but instead refers to the protagonist’s Donation Level with a specific country. In other words, players must first improve their relationships with certain countries to unlock the privilege of adopting an animal from said countries. Accordingly, players must ensure they often donate to the countries where the animals they wish to adopt originated in Fire Emblem Engage.

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Source: YouTube/Jason’s Video Games Source

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