Fears grow as Cameroon radio host goes missing

Social media has been awash with posts on his absence and RSF has “condemned the brutal abduction of a journalist” and asked authorities to do everything to find him.

The head of Amplitude FM and presenter of the well known daily programme Embouteillage (Gridlock) had recently exposed alleged embezzlement in the government, citing sums and naming some top officials.

According to RSF, around 8pm on Tuesday, gendarmes in a suburb of the Cameroonian capital, Yaounde, heard a loud noise outside their police station and found Zogo’s badly damaged car.

“Police saw a black vehicle … driving off. They later came to realise this was an abduction.”

The Cameroon government said Saturday that Zogo was “neither at his home nor his place of work”.

Authorities launched an investigation on Tuesday but a police source told AFP on condition of anonymity the investigations had failed to shed any light on his whereabouts.

“He disappeared just as his programme was focusing on financial scandals naming names and amounts and accusing certain people in high places of stealing money from the Cameroonian state,” the head of the opposition Cameroon People’s Party, Kah Walla, told AFP.


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