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Extreme Venomverse To Debut Samurai Symbiote (And More)

A new Venom series has been announced to kick off Marvel’s Summer of Symbiotes, featuring a Samurai Symbiote and many more variants of Venom in the multiverse. While Eddie Brock and his son Dylan are currently caught in a massive time-travel Venom epic involving dark evolutions of the King in Black and even Kang the Conqueror, a brand-new threat is coming with the recently teased “Death of the Venomverse” event. However, readers will get to enjoy Extreme Venomverse before it all comes to an end.

In the announcement from Marvel Comics, Extreme Venomverse will be a new anthology series mirroring the recent Edge of the Spider-Verse series, a collection of stories introducing brand-new variants of Earth-616’s Lethal Proctor-turned-King in Black. Thus far, a sword-wielding samurai version of Venom has been teased, a new story revealing Brock Family secrets, and a reality where Eddie Brock became Spider-Man instead of Peter Parker will all be coming from Ryan North, Paulo Siqueira, Mirka Andolfo, and Leonardo Romero. Here is the cover art for Extreme Venomverse #1 and the solicitation info for the upcoming issue:

Just as Edge of the Spider-Verse preceded the “End of the Spider-Verse” storyline seen in Marvel’s current Spider-Man series from Dan Slott and Mark Bagley, the Marvel announcement confirms Extreme Venomverse will similarly set up “Death of the Venomverse”. As such, it’s likely that all these new Venom variants will be introduced before they’re all put in danger. Likewise, the imminent threat looks to be coming from the spawn of Venom himself: Carnage.

With “Death of the Venomverse” having been recently teased with an image of Carnage standing over a pile of Venom bodies, it stands to reason that the events of Marvel’s current Carnage series will directly lead to this upcoming event. After all, the massively homicidal symbiote has been making himself far more powerful with near-godlike abilities. Case in point, Carnage recently secured All-Black the Necrosword which was previously owned by Knull the Symbiote God.

At any rate, it’s going to be very exciting to see all of these new variants of Venom debuting in the multiverse. The Samurai Symbiote in particular should be a very epic variant, as well as the potential for a crossover with Avengers’ recently introduced Ghost Samurai who operated during the Edo period as a past Spirit of Vengeance (fingers are crossed). Extreme Venomverse #1 releases May 10th from Marvel Comics.

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