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Even Hulk Couldn't Survive Spider-Woman's Deadliest Form

Fans think of the Hulk as practically indestructible, but in one dystopian future the silent but deadly Spider-Woman got the better of him, in spectacular fashion.

In a future where Frank Castle is in charge of the government, mutants are being hunted to extermination by a twisted team of Avengers. In this group is Captain America and a nightmarish version of Iron Man called the Steel Corpse. Spider-Woman Jessica Drew is also on the team, although she is now going by the name Redback. Besides the Invisible Woman, the last member of the team is the Hulk, a version of himself fueled by hate after an experiment gone wrong left parts of mutants grafted to his skin.

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In Age of X: Universe #2 by Simon Spurrier and Khoi Pham, the Avengers storm an X-Men stronghold in order to wipe them out for good. After shooting and killing Mystique, Captain America realizes (with the help of Sue Storm) that what they are doing is wrong. Unfortunately, the Punisher already strapped a large nuclear device to the Hulk and sent him on a suicide mission into the facility. But before the mission can be completed, Spider-Woman is able to get the drop on him, and activate the bomb prematurely, killing them both.

Normally the Hulk is fueled by rage, but this alternate version is fueled by hate, making him an absolute menace. He is so unhinged, that when permission is given to use lethal force against mutants, he instantly turns on Sabertooth, a mutant working with the Avengers. Making it far more believable for him to strap a gigantic bomb to himself in order to kill all mutants.

What’s even crazier, though, is how Spider-Woman was able to sneak up on him. This version of Spider-Woman is much more like Black Widow than the Jessica Drew fans are used to. She barely ever speaks, and is an assassin with a blade hidden in her wrist. To take out the Hulk, she utilizes Steel Corpse’s gauntlet to set off the bomb strapped to Hulk’s back. For years she had been the Avengers’ top killer in taking out mutants, so it’s fitting she was the one to save them in the end.

It’s unlikely that Spider-Woman could have done the same thing to the Hulk in the regular universe, but at least it was somewhat of a happy ending in this one.

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Age of X: Universe #2 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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