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Encanto Hidden Detail Makes Bruno & Dolores Different From Every Madrigal

Bruno and Dolores are different from the rest of the Madrigal family, and one detail in Encanto illustrates how. The 2021 Disney movie turned the Madrigal family members into some of the more popular Disney characters in recent years. The story may have revolved around Mirabel, but the other magical members of the Madrigal family also played prominent roles. This includes Mirabel’s future-seeing uncle Bruno and her super-hearing cousin Dolores, who each had various opportunities to use their powers.

Neither Bruno nor Dolores are the center of Encanto‘s story, but the movie gives audiences plenty of insight into their lives thanks to the exploration of the Madrigal family. The animated Disney film takes time to explore a bit about the family history and how each Madrigal family member gets unique powers to help the family and surrounding community. This is possible thanks to a transformation that takes place when a Madrigal family member is 5 years old and a magical door appears in the family’s house, Casita. It is through the Madrigal’s room doors in Encanto that the movie subtly reveals how Bruno and Dolores are different from the rest.

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A closer look at Bruno and Dolores’ doors in Encanto reveals that they are the only Madrigal family members to have their eyes open. It might seem like an inconsequential detail at first, but it makes Bruno and Dolores unique in comparison to the rest of their relatives. The doors for Isabela, Luisa, Antonio, Camilo, Abuela, Pepa, and Julieta all show the family members with their eyes closed. Encanto‘s doors instead have the bottom or top eyelids glowing for these members. It is entirely different from Bruno and Dolores’ doors, which clearly have their eyes open on the entrances to their rooms.

It is no coincidence or mistake that Bruno and Dolores’ eyes are open on their doors in Encanto. The doors are filled with details that are important and unique to the individual and their powers. Bruno’s door includes an hourglass to illustrate his ability to see the future, while Dolores has sound waves around her head to show her super hearing powers. These types of details are standard for each Madrigal family member’s door. While the Encanto doors follow the same design layout, the magic behind the Madrigal family unmistakably wanted Dolores and Bruno’s eyes to be open on their doors.

The reason that Bruno and Dolores’ eyes are open on their Encanto doors is a connection to their powers. They are the only two members of the Madrigal family whose powers are directly tied to perception. It is likely because of this aspect of their powers that the Casita house doors for Bruno and Dolores’ rooms keep their eyes open. They have the ability to see and hear more than the rest of the family. This includes seeing problems within the Madrigal family that the rest of the members ignore.

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