Despite $400 Million, Shaquille O’Neal Avoided a $5000 Donation While on ‘Hot Ones’

Shaquille O’Neal has been quite the generous man with his reported net worth of $400 million over the years. He amassed his wealth through a series of savvy investments and endorsements, mastering the art of passive income while still playing in the NBA.

So despite having made hundreds of millions of dollars through mere NBA contracts, he knew that well would eventually dry up if he continued to live the lifestyle he lived after he retired. Him delving into everything from the fast food industry to owning 24-hour gyms was part of him trying to reach a certain level of wealth that he would never have to work at again.

His job as an analyst on ‘Inside the NBA’ doesn’t feed his lifestyle, it brings him joy. The fact that he makes millions a year helps, but he comes on set because he’s surrounded by friends like Chuck, Kenny and Ernie.

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Shaquille O’Neal avoids paying $5,000 to Sean Evans

Shaquille O’Neal on the YouTube show ‘Hot Ones’ is one of the most watched episodes of the show and with good reason. Shaq’s jovial nature mixed with his difficulty eating extremely spicy chicken wings makes for the ultimate in entertainment.

Towards the end of the show, Shaq challenges Evans to a free throw contest in a baby basketball hoop. The goal is to hit as many as you can from behind a chair on 5 tires. If Sean were to beat ‘Great Aristotle’, the latter would have to donate $5000 to any charity of his choosing.

Shaq, who is 7-foot-1 with a massive wingspan, found a loophole where he could almost drop the ball into the rim as he leaned over the chair. This led him to make 4 of 5 shots. Sean would win 3 out of 5, losing a $5,000 donation from Shaq.

Shaq’s charitable actions

Shaquille O’Neal has never shied away from giving back. He has openly admitted that he would go to supermarkets or electronics stores and find mothers with children and buy them whatever they needed for them just to help as much as he could.

He is also an incredible tipper, having tipped hundreds and thousands of dollars to restaurants on countless occasions. He has donated millions to charity and gives away amounts like $15,000 and $35,000 to any organization he believes in.

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