Desist from telling lies against Tinubu, Group cautions Melaye

“He (Dino) is Citizen One of the simpletons. Uncle Dino didn’t know, so let’s educate him. The man Tinubu was never indicted by any law court”

A group committed to socio-political reform and humanitarian services, Social Reform Gruppe (SRG), has carpeted Peoples Democratic Party chieftain, Senator Dino Melaye,  over his recent “unguarded utterances aimed at tarnishing the image of All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu”.

Speaking with journalists shortly after the inaugural meeting of the group in Lagos, its convener/national coordinator, Dr Marindoti Oludare, lamented that rather than embark on issue-based campaigns, Melaye had all the while derailed by feeding the public with the false information that Tinubu was once indicted by a United States Court.

Putting a lie to accusations made against Tinubu by Melaye in a recent Channels Television programme, Oludare, a 34-year-old medical doctor based in the US, said, “Uncle Dino was spewing a bunch of balderdash trying to defend Atiku’s unfolding instances of clear malfeasance.

“He (Dino) is Citizen One of the simpletons. Uncle Dino didn’t know, so let’s educate him. The man Tinubu was never indicted by any law court. Accounts belonging to the man were investigated by prosecutors and that was termed as an indictment by those who do not know.

“Now for you to know what an indictment is, a New York judge once said that prosecutors can indict a piece of arm sandwich,  especially bread and egg; and in the Tinubu case, he came out of it all clean, unblemished,” Oludare appraised.

The SRG convener particularly tasked Dino to respond to weighty allegations bothering on abuse of office and unhealthy business deals levelled against former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, “rather than turn his responses to a circus show of forging lies against Tinubu in a laughable, diversionary method.”

Meanwhile, during the SRG inaugural meeting in Lagos, Oludare urged Nigerian youths to vote for a presidential candidate whose record presents an achiever par excellence, stressing that at a time like this, Nigeria needs a leader who can fix electricity and provide massive jobs to protect the youth population.

He said the SRG stood for good governance and was poised to grow humanity through education, public enlightenment, humanitarian services, and sound advocacy.

Oludare also reinforced the group’s belief in restructuring, which does not mean secession, but devolution of powers to constituent states and local councils of the federation for effective administration; which Tinubu and other progressive stakeholders have stood for.

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