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DC’s Ultimate Team Proves Anyone Can Be Superman

The greatest team ever assembled in the DC Universe is all the evidence needed that proves anyone can be Superman. Superman #708 reveals an organization where the only requirement is abiding by the ideals the Man of Steel lived his life by.

The DC Universe is filled with a vast number of heroes with diverse power sets. But for all the Flashes and Green Lanterns of the world, few heroes are as intrinsically linked with the concept of heroism as Superman is. With his impressive array of powers and his endless devotion to truth and justice, Superman keeps the universe safe from all manner of threats. But he isn’t alone in his crusade to fight for peace, as he has numerous sidekicks such as his cousin, Supergirl, or his half-clone, Superboy. Clark has inspired countless heroes in his time as Superman, and it seems there’s no limit to the amount of people eager to follow in his footsteps.

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In fact, so many people aspire to be just like Superman, they managed to form an entire team across time and space. In Superman #708 by J. Michael Straczynski, Chris Roberson, and Eddy Barrows, the titular hero is approached by heroes from the future, who have come to help Superman in his time of need. With Superman unsure of whether he’s making a difference or not, a team known as the Superman Squad from the 853rd century have come back in time to show Clark how influential he actually is. They take him to their Fortress of Solidarity and show him the numerous heroes that have taken up his shield or mantle. The Squad informs Clark that some members are his direct descendants or share his Kryptonian heritage, but many are people who just wanted to be like Superman.

The members of the Superman Squad aren’t all Kryptonian. Some are sentient solar systems, or even ideas that can protect their own realms. And while the Squad’s members aren’t shown in full, it seems like the only qualifier for the team is that it’s members the morals and values Clark lived his life by. The thing that truly unites the Squad is that Superman isn’t just one man, but a set of principles that can serve as a guide for anyone wishing to make their world a better place.

Fans may say there’s only one Superman, but that hasn’t been true for some time. Clark Kent’s son Jon took up the mantle and showed what a modern Superman could be. And Superman has always been more than his powers. He inspires people to be their best, whether they’re superhuman or not. The Superman Squad recognizes that the best way to bring change into the world is by following the Man of Steel’s example. Anyone willing to follow that and be the best sort of positive change is worthy of sharing Superman’s moniker.

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