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Cyberpunk 2077 Characters That The Phantom Liberty DLC Should Expand

Cyberpunk 2077‘s upcoming Phantom Liberty DLC is the perfect opportunity for CD Projekt Red to introduce a slew of new content into the game – but it should also consider expanding on some existing characters. Even compared to some of Night City’s most iconic personalities, such as Johnny Silverhand and Judy Alvarez, some of the title’s most intriguing characters are those who have remained a mystery to players. Whether it’s through fully-fledged quests or simply a new data shard, the DLC should reveal more lore about them.

Alongside familiar friends (and foes), Phantom Liberty will also be introducing some new faces. Most notably, famous English actor Idris Elba will be making a cameo, and although the extent of his role can’t be determined for certain, he looks to be an integral part of the story. More information about who Idris Elba plays in Cyberpunk 2077 will be revealed as the expansion nears its launch sometime in 2023. But with a concrete release date not yet announced, fans have plenty of time to speculate about who could be a part of the Phantom Liberty DLC – such as these curious characters in Night City.

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Cyberpunk 2077‘s most mysterious figure by far is Mr. Blue Eyes, who has risen to notoriety in the community thanks to his vague, yet threatening presence. Towards the end of the “Dream On” quest line, players will be able to see him standing on a balcony in the distance, observing their conversation with Mr. Peralez, before disappearing into thin air. Scanning him reveals that his name is Mr. Blue Eyes, and that he’s wanted in Night City, but that’s about it. Countless theories have spawned regarding his identity and purpose, and so Cyberpunk 2077‘s final DLC would be an opportune moment to drop in additional clues about this strange individual.

Several other characters deserve more attention, too. For example, the monks that wander Night City and stop to pray at giant statues pose yet another haunting mystery. Cyberpunk 2077‘s most progressive pop star, Lizzy Wizzy, is one of the most unique characters in the game, with her fully chrome body and philosophical conversations – and yet players only get to spend a short time with her. Mama Welles could use a bit more development as well, as she sadly faded into the background after her son Jackie was killed during the heist. A little bit of lore would go a long way with these well-written, yet under-utilized characters.

Ideally, all characters would be expanded within Cyberpunk 2077‘s paid Phantom Liberty DLC. After all, it will be the last major update to the game, as CD Projekt Red will be shifting gears towards The Witcher franchise for now. But this goal is ambitious, and so Cyberpunk 2077‘s big expansion will likely be more selective when it comes to which characters it expands. Fleshing out the above characters, some of which occupy the game’s greatest mysteries, could help bring the title to a satisfying close with the Phantom Liberty DLC.

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