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Coronation Street Lydia Chambers

Coronation Street Lydia Chambers: Coronation Street’s Lydia Chambers exits as she accidentally causes her own death. CORONATION STREET troublemaker Lydia Chambers has caused some difficulties since coming on the cobbles last year but little than a few months into her tenure on the ITV serial, she could be making a devastating departure.

Coronation Street Lydia Chambers

Lydia (played by Rebecca Ryan) has been at the core of one of Coronation Street’s greatest stories recently when she was brought in as a past lover of Adam Barlow’s (Sam Robertson) (Sam Robertson). Over the past number of months, she has managed to make a lot of trouble for him and his wife, Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien), who has put the couple’s intentions to have a baby on wait because of the way her husband has spoken about his ex-girlfriend. As it seems she is letting the pair scrap, the relative newbie to the ITV soap could be scheming to kill one of them so their romance ends forever. A tragic sequence of events could start to unfold, though, and unfortunately, it could be Lydia who ends up in a grave.

The drama resumes next week on the evening serial drama as Lydia struggles to get over her romance with Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) coming to an end earlier this month. With Sarah and Adam on thin ice, Lydia continues to listen to the former berate her husband whilst working in the Underworld Factory office. Troublesome Lydia has done very little to stir the pot recently but hearing how her friend Sarah is suffering in her marriage, she could think of a method to get rid of Adam. This may be by poisoning him, hence when he drops down dead, the authorities would find it tougher to relate the killing back to someone on the cobbles.

Gesture of Peace

It could be she will get her hands on some toxic drugs she is going to put into a coffee for the lawyer, which she would offer as a gesture of peace. However, in the following scenes, her scheme could backfire as Lydia turns up at the plant for work in a horrible state, claiming she has a food illness. It may be she jumbled up the coffee she was meant to give to Adam and drank it herself but not 100 percent sure if she did or not, she would weave the yarn of eating something bad.

Seeing what a situation the newbie is in, the likes of Sean Tully (Anthony Cotton), Beth Tinker (Lisa George) and Kirk Sutherland (Andy Whyment) encourage her to go home. Not wanting anyone to assume anything untoward is going on, the troublemaker could take herself home to rest up and hope the pains disappear. Unfortunately, she could end up dying as a result of her mix-up and no one would realize until they noticed she wasn’t turning up for work. Sarah could be the one to find her friend and knowing she wasn’t ill, she could begin to suspect foul play was involved.

Coronation Street Lydia Chambers
Coronation Street Lydia Chambers

The stalwart’s first assumption would be Adam had something to do with it, but not wanting to assume the worst in him, she would put her suspicions to the back of her mind. When her husband doesn’t appear too affected by his former lover’s passing, Sarah could think she was correct all along. But would she denounce the lawyer to the police in a massive act of betrayal, not that it was Lydia who accidentally caused her own death? This would launch a fresh chapter in Sarah and Adam’s never-ending journey as they once again try to make their marriage work.

Discussing Her Future in the program

Discussing her future on the program, the actress who plays Lydia, Rebecca, indicated a lot of drama is on the horizon. The soap actor explained: “I’m looking forward to her making a little trouble because that’s always wonderful to play. “She doesn’t go in there planning to make trouble, she doesn’t do these things just because she wants to ruin everyone’s lives.

“I do want to highlight the beautiful, softer side that she [has], and she is building true friendships and I just hope it comes across.” But trying to get revenge for Sarah could prove to be her demise if the scheme she has in mind has devastating implications. Talking about her experience on the cobbles, Rebecca added: “It’s been a dream come true, especially being from Manchester myself; it’s such an iconic program. “Everyone is really wonderful, so I’m having the finest time. “It’s fantastic getting to work with Tina again because we worked together on Waterloo Road, so it makes it feel a lot more familiar and lovely.

“I would love to work with Sally Carmen [Abi Franklin] again because we worked together for a few years in Shameless, and I think she’s great,” she told and other outlets. Taking to Twitter, viewers clearly think the character has the power to plot a murder since they think she could be behind all the harassment Adam has been receiving lately. Kerri wrote: “I think that Lydia could be behind all of Adam’s difficulties. Sarah is frustrating at the moment I feel like she’s a bit of a snob at times.”

Nichola added: “I totally expected the closing photo would show Lydia stood outside holding her phone #Corrie,” referring to the time Adam’s office was searched by the police. “I suspect it’s Lydia that’s behind this @itvcorrie #Corrie #CoronationStreet,” Westie added, with Lisa remarking: “Lydia definitely has something to do with it #Corrie.” “Adam’s stalker is certainly Lydia it has just started since she appeared #Corrie,” MandaLouise tweeted on the social networking platform.

Who is Lydia on Coronation Street?

Lydia is the PA of someone Sarah Barlow is dealing with at the plant. Lydia’s boss, Gavin, is a touch terrifying, but happily, it seems Lydia can handle herself — and him. She pulls Sarah out of a tough place with Gavin in her first scenes on Friday, December 10, and then says Sarah may be pregnant. As Sarah and husband Adam Barlow ponder the potential of having kids of their own, it seems all is rosy in their garden. But Lydia could be about to put a halt to that…

Coronation Street Lydia Chambers
Coronation Street Lydia Chambers

Who portrays Lydia on Coronation Street?

Lydia is performed by Rebecca Ryan. Manchester-born Rebecca, 30, is joining her brother on the cobbles, Jack James Ryan. Jack plays Jacob Hay, who pulled Simon Barlow into the cocaine network run by wicked Harvey earlier this year. Rebecca originally came to the public’s attention as Debbie Gallagher in Channel 4 drama Shameless.

What else has Rebecca Ryan been in?

Rebecca was the first actress to play Carly Hope in Emmerdale before Gemma Atkinson took up the character. Rebecca appears as one of Bob Hope’s many children in episodes in 2006. She went on to star as Vicki MacDonald in the BBC school drama Waterloo Road. After small parts in Casualty over the years, she eventually joined the main cast in 2017 as Gemma Dean, the sister of paramedic Iain Dean.

When Gem opted to leave the ED in favor of pursuing a career in another country, she did so in August 2019. For her role as Ellie McCall in a five-episode storyline on Doctors, Rebecca has appeared in numerous episodes of the show. Interested in other Coronation Street tidbits? You can get your Coronation Street fixed ahead of time thanks to the dedicated spoilers area of Entertainment Daily. Corrie normally airs on ITV at 7.30 pm and 8.30 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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