CJI Chandrachud Hints At Using AI To Translate Judgments In All Indian Languages

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud pointed out on Saturday the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to give translated copies of judgments in all Indian languages ​​and stressed the importance of technology in removing the barrier of information.

In September 2022, the high court, under the leadership of CJI Chandrachud, began live-streaming its constitutional court hearings.

CJI Chandrachud was speaking at an event organized by the Maharashtra and Goa Bar Association.

He underscored the benefit of live streaming, saying law professors and students can watch and discuss issues live before the court. “Then you realize the injustice that pervades our society when you talk about issues live,” she added.

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“…There is a barrier of meritocracy. We must have live broadcast… I don’t have a cynical view… Yes, some people will start doing theater, but that will be very little,” said the CJI.

Emphasizing the importance of technology, CJI Chandrachud said his mission for technology is to reach those who do not have access and not create an additional access gap.

“The idea is that not all lawyers can afford private reporters and, through technology, the idea is to remove the barrier of access to information. The idea is to make the information available to lawyers free of charge.

“But the niceties of English won’t help rural lawyers. So the idea is to make the information accessible to everyone,” he added.

The CJI said it had met with a Madras professor who works on AI (Artificial Intelligence) “and the next step is to deliver translated copies of the judgments in all Indian languages.”

Addressing a gathering attended by many young lawyers, CJI Chandrachud emphasized creating opportunities for young lawyers and ensuring that those from marginalized communities get the right opportunity.

“We don’t have to plug the cracks of what’s wrong with the system. We must try to repair it. I wish them to fly high, to make their dreams come true”, said the CJI to the young lawyers.

He concluded his speech by reciting a couplet from the famous 20th century poet Allama Iqbal: “Sitaron ke aage jahaan aur bhi hai, abhi Ishq ke imtihan aur bhi hai, tu Shaheen hai parwaz hai, kaam Tera bhi aasman hai.”

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