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Chrisean Rock MELTDOWN During Interview Kicking and Screaming, Gets Thrown Out by Security

The relationship between Blueface and Chrisean Rock has been a rollercoaster ride. There were many people who sympathized with Rock, especially after she expressed her mental health struggles, but there were others who simply found the relationship toxic and hostile. Recently, an emotional outburst by Chrisean Rock during an interview surfaced on YouTube. At the beginning of the video, Blueface is seated on the couch, and Rock is heard yelling in the background. Chrisean’s boyfriend was soon asked by security to take her outside. In the next scene, she is seen sitting on the floor with some people around her. When Blueface walked up to her, Rock asked her:

Why are you acting like that? Could you come here? Why are you doing that? Chrisean was lifted up by security and taken outside while Blueface stood there and watched her break down. On her way out, Rock kicked a monitor and broke it. Chrisean and Blueface’s reactions to the situation and the video have not been well received by netizens. Most people said they no longer sympathize with Rock, as they strongly believe she needs help. Others said they were done feeling sorry for Chrisean, and took to Twitter to express their feelings.

The Blueface interview ends with Chrisean Rock being carried out kicking and screaming

During a podcast interview with boyfriend Blueface, Chrisean Rock outbursts and was escorted out of the studio. Rock can be heard off-camera screaming for her partner to come to her in a clip shared on Thursday (January 19) by No Jumper. As the camera pans to the troubled reality star, who can be seen sitting on the ground, the star is seen in distress. In response to Blueface’s request, security guards try to calm her down and explain that they must remove her from the studio. As Chrisean Rock flails her arms and legs in an attempt to resist, security picks her up to take her out of the studio after the “Thotiana” rapper walks over to her. A large television or monitor mounted on one wall is kicked in the process. The cameras briefly follow Rock and the security guard into the hallway while she continues to fight while being removed from the studio.

Chrisean Rock explained the events leading up to her expulsion in a lengthy Instagram post hours after the video was shared on social media, eventually going viral. Blue told them to remove me from the interview because I said something that was revealing, and that wasn’t a good look for Blue. Rock said what caused the entire episode was when she contradicted Blueface’s story that she had attacked him with glass during an altercation, causing him to strike her back. He is alleged to have dealt the first blow to his ex-girlfriend, a former artist. She added that she would be fine if I started this altercation physically. But this time he should have asked the next question instead of talking about a situation that we both knew about. I didn’t feel like anyone had my back, so I felt compelled to tell everyone what happened. Since before they confirmed they were dating, Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s often violent relationship drama has played out in public, on social media, and most recently on reality television. Several public spats and arrests have resulted from their tumultuous relationship.

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