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Bridezilla Aleshia And Brandon Got Married On The Show

Bridezilla Aleshia And Brandon got hitched on the unscripted TV drama. Aleshia and Brandon got into monetary issues when they arranged their wedding.

While Brandon quit his place of employment fourteen days before their marriage, and she needed to have her fantasy wedding, things took a negative turn when they were in the last phase of arranging their wedding.


The American unscripted tv program called Bridezillas made its debut on WE television on June 1, 2004. It depicts the feverish schedules of ladies who are locked in to be hitched in an expressive and at times comical way.

Bridezillas Aleshia and Brandon were to be hitched on the show following five months of dating. The two of them are seen contending on the show.

Nonetheless, through their ups and down, they had their wedding five months subsequent to meeting them. Despite the fact that having monetary issues, they held their wedding.

The show finished with them moving together and showed them being together and her being irate with him like clockwork. In any case, no data about their is together, where they are currently, or the way that they are earning enough to pay the rent.

The show’s fans were astonished to see her way of behaving toward her better half and had numerous responses about them being oppressive towards one another.

Aleshia showed up in season 10 episode 14 of the show. The season was hit in view of her presence, and many individuals are as yet inquisitive about her to date.

Over-emotional Bridezilla Aleshia disregards all signs that her wedding isn’t intended to be.

His controlling lady to-be puts down Brandon, and a lady who acts in an overdramatic way disregards the admonition indications of a destined wedding.

Furthermore, when they are going to get hitched, she goes crazy because of their monetary issues and has a sensational episode with them in it.

In a clasp posted on youtube, the fans can see her assuming total command over her significant other and have been prepared to do the specific things that she says.

The show fans remarked that having an exquisite wedding is everybody’s fantasy except making it unpleasant is unique in relation to what anybody ought to do. Different watchers remarked that she ought to utilize her own cash to cover the wedding bills and not give pressure Brandon.

Most watchers are discontent with how she treats her life partner and have been remarking about her being oppressive toward him.

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