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Blacktail: How to Beat Spy (Boss Fight)

Spy is one of the Mushroom bosses in the game Blacktail. In the game, Yaga will come across many Mushrooms, and two of them, Slippery Jack and Borvy Borko, will often give Yaga quests as she explores the forest through each season. Spy is one of them, and he can either help Yaga or fight her.

Blacktail is a folkloric, fantasy adventure that takes place in an aesthetically medieval setting. The game will mainly stay set in the forest, but Yaga will experience memories and have glimpses of the village she came from. Yaga is searching for her sister, but on the way, she must defeat many enemies, and through her choices, she must decide whether to be a benevolent guardian or an evil overlord of the forest.

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Spy can be encountered early on in the first season of Blacktail – Spring. If Yaga has made mostly moral choices so far, she will be directed to the Knight as well as to the Spy in her quest to find the dragon hoarding the honey. Spy will tell Yaga how to find PeeWee the Dragon, and he will inform her that not all is as it appears. However, Blacktail includes a Red Dead Redemption-like morality system, and should Yaga choose the Path of Darkness, she can come across Spy later. He will be in his home to the South of the map. If Yaga encounters him with dark morality, Spy will attack her.

Spy’s attacks are much like the earlier Mushroom fight Yaga will have had. He will mainly have spinning rocks to aim toward the player, and Yaga can avoid these by continuing to move. Crystal arrows will do the most damage, however, if Yaga has not unlocked these yet, he is still possible to defeat. Continue to move and shoot him with what arrows Yaga has unlocked, and use any Hocus powers Yaga has when she’s close enough to him. Be sure to power up Yaga’s arrows.

Once his health has been whittled down, he will hide behind a barrier and bring down large boulder-sized versions of the Boboks. Like in God of War: Ragnorak’s Huntress battle, this section of the boss fight is a heavy-ranged attack. Yaga can see a shadow of where these will land, so dodge appropriately. Go around using the simplest Hocus to break them, and Spy will make a reappearance when they are gone. Continue hurting him while avoiding his spinning rock attacks. This cycle will continue until Spy’s health is fully drained. At that point, the boss fight will be over, and Yaga can collect any loot left behind.

Of note, players who have chosen the Path of Light can fight the Mushroom Whack instead. His attacks are very similar, but when he hides, there is a different area of effect attack. If players wish to defeat all four possible Mushrooms, they will have to change their morality. Once Spy has been defeated, it will push Yaga even further down the Path of Darkness in Blacktail.

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