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Best Substitute Weapons For Yaoyao In Genshin Impact

Yaoyao’s weapon substitutes in Genshin Impact can be alternated in many different ways, according to the specific build players are giving her. The short character from the Liyue region is the latest 4-star playable character, who was added through patch 3.4. She is a Dendro-Vision user and uses a polearm in battles. Yaoyao, who is Madame Ping’s martial arts apprentice and a colleague to Xiangling, is held as both a healer and a Dendro-reaction enabler in HoYoverse’s open-world RPG. Because of that versatility, the weapons she can wield are many.

Yaoyao is featured in Genshin Impact 3.4’s first character banners, but, as a 4-star hero, she can be obtained normally from other future banners, including the regular one. Regardless of when she actually integrates players’ rosters, Yaoyao’s weapon in Genshin Impact is an important choice that players need to think about. The 4-star Dragon’s Bane polearm is featured as her main promotional weapon, although it is not specifically her signature weapon. Luckily, there are many options for both of her two main builds to use as substitute weapons.

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While Yaoyao doesn’t have a signature weapon like most 5-star characters, she does operate better with a few of them. For her healer build, Yaoyao’s best substitute weapon in Genshin Impact is the fan-favorite Staff of Homa. Because her Elemental Skill heals characters based on Yaoyao’s Max HP stat, Hu Tao’s signature weapon in Genshin Impact proves extremely beneficial since it is a 5-star weapon that increases the user’s HP by 20%. Its Base Attack stat (608 at level 90) is also very good, while its Crit Damage sub-stat boost (66.2% at 90) is extraordinary. Not only that, but the user gains an Attack Bonus based on 0.8% of the user’s HP, growing up to 1% in case the wielder’s HP falls below 50%.

With an HP build and Staff of Homa, Yaoyao can be an extremely consistent healer. The only downside is that her Elemental Skill will only heal if the on-field character has 70% or less HP. Nonetheless, Staff of Homa is the best weapon for Yaoyao’s healer build in Genshin Impact. Second to it is the Black Tassel, a 3-star polearm that is also used in Thoma’s Genshin Impact support build. The weapon is the only one that offers an HP sub-stat boost (46.9% at level 90), which makes it extremely beneficial for Yaoyao’s heal output.

Due to the fact that Staff of Homa’s impressive offensive stats would be wasted on a healer Yaoyao, it might be best to leave it to another character and equip her with the Black Tassel. With it, Yaoyao would not put out much damage because of its low Base Attack stat (354 at level 90), which is completely acceptable, while providing an immense amount of recovery power for her team. Because there are no other polearms with HP boosts, players should seriously consider using Black Tassel as Yaoyao’s main weapon in Genshin Impact, in case she herself is utilized as a healer. Along with Genshin Impact’s Ocean-Hued Clam Artifact set, she can prove to be a consistent source of healing.

Another great role for Yaoyao is that of a Dendro-reaction enabler. Unlike the weapons that provide HP boosts, there are luckily many options that provide what she needs: Elemental Mastery. While no 5-star polearms grant that as a bonus, there are a few 4-star weapons for Yaoyao to use in Genshin Impact. The first one is the polearm she uses in her promotional videos and images, Dragon’s Bane. It is obtainable even through the normal banner, so players shouldn’t need to look for a substitute unless it is already used by another character. This weapon has a low Base Attack stat (454 at level 90) but compensates it with a high Elemental Mastery sub-stat (221 at level 90).

While its skill only grants a 20% Damage bonus against opponents affected by Pyro or Hydro in Genshin Impact, it can work well in Burgeon or Bloom team comps, respectively. In case players do not have access to the Dragon’s Bane weapon for Genshin Impact’s Yaoyao, a substitute polearm for her Dendro-reactions build is the Inazuma-themed Kitain Cross. This free-to-play (F2P) weapon’s blueprint can be obtained through the “Orobashi’s Legacy” quest and can later be forged by the player. Its Base Attack stat (565 at level 90) is significantly higher than the one Dragon’s Bane provides, but has a much lower Elemental Mastery sub-stat (110 at level 90).

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Kitain Cross’ weapon skill, Samurai Conduct, also increases the user’s Elemental Skill Damage by 6%. This makes it very appropriate as Yaoyao’s weapon in Genshin Impact. The last weapon for her Elemental Mastery build is Moonpiercer. The F2P weapon is unlocked in Genshin Impact’s Sumeru region, so it can only be obtained by players that have accessed the region and are considerably up-to-date with the game’s content. While its Base Attack stat (565 at level 90) and Elemental Mastery sub-stat (110 at level 90) are not very impressive, its weapon skill, Stillwood Moonshadow, can be perfect Dendro-reaction builds.

This is because after triggering any of the Dendro reactions – Burning, Quicken, Aggravate, Spread, Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Burgeon – players will spawn a Leaf of Revival, which grants a 16% Attack bonus for 12 seconds. An extra benefit is that this effect happens even if Moonpiercer’s wielder is not on the field. This serves Yaoyao’s off-field build perfectly since her Yuegui should continue shooting Dendro-radishes at opponents even when she is swapped out. Unfortunately, there is not a polearm equivalent to Genshin Impact’s Aqua Simulacra bow when it comes to strong off-field damage boosting, but Moonpiercer is the closest weapon there currently is in the game.

Yaoyao’s many weapon options in Genshin Impact only reflect her own gameplay versatility, and this should always be taken into consideration by players. Aside from the obvious availability of the weapons mentioned, they should strongly consider if a polearm is better equipped by another character, such as the Staff of Homa, due to its intense damage-dealing properties. In her Elemental Mastery build, players can also choose based on her artifact stats – if Yaoyao in Genshin Impact has already achieved a satisfactory level of EM, perhaps equipping her with a stronger weapon than Dragon’s Bane is the way to go.

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