Before stardom with… P-Shantel

Was being a musician a childhood dream?

 Yes! I joined a church choir at 10 but I also wanted to be a lawyer, fashionista and an entrepreneur. I kept growing in the music world until music chose me, that was when the zeal started.

What’s the inspiration behind your journey into music?

 First, I will say that my relationship with God influenced my decisions. Also, I saw it as a way to give back to the one who gave me salvation, his love and grace.

Second, music has been a generational trait in my family. I saw my grandmother and my mum participate in musical activities and dance when I was in the church choir. This ignited the passion in my spirit to do music. I also got inspired by my brother, a music director and a producer, Prince Vibes, who happens to be my producer.

I get inspiration from my environment, people and experiences.

What challenges did you face on your way to stardom?

 Disappointments, unfulfilled promises, unmet targets and lack of financing which, unfortunately is one of the most significant challenges that limits an artist from rising to stardom. It took hard work and patience to get to a point where I could support my brand. I was responsible for my music marketing despite producing and performing great music. During the learning phase, it took time and commitment to promote music.

How was life before stardom?

I was a praise leader in my church choir, a backup singer, makeup artist and a fashionista. I was enthusiastic about my different interests and I had the drive to become independent. I was relentless and it never stopped.

What has stardom deprived you of?

Stardom has deprived me of the opportunity to have a regular life. For example, I can’t just be everywhere and I can’t be caught “unfresh” (Laughs). I can’t go for uninvited events but despite all these I still enjoy who I am.

Has stardom brought about a change of friends?

Yes! I am a simple person, humble and with a sweet heart. Fame can’t change who I am or going to be in the future. True friends stick with each other.

How do you handle advances from male friends?

I just smile and exchange greetings with them. It is good to be nice to people regardless of their gender.

How would you describe your style of music?

I am an inspirational music artist. My passion and hope is to make music a channel through which people can have an encounter with Christ, experience the love of God and comfort of the Holy Spirit. My music genre borders on Afro centric and contemporary/Afro-rock gospel. I love to explore different music genres and I am proud of my African heritage.

How has it been since you joined the industry?

It has been a beautiful journey. The industry has been a blessing to me and God has used my songs to bless lives with many testimonies all over the world. Although, there are challenges as we move from glory to glory.

What project are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my album but will soon be releasing a new single that will touch lives.

What favourite song do you love to perform?

All my songs are melodious and inspiring, from “Sozo,” “Iheoma,” “You Reign In Majesty,” “Blessed,” “Unconditional Love,” and “Unblameable” are my favourites.

What is your advice to up-and-coming musicians?

They should not give up, stay focused, study the music business and learn how social media works because it’s a big tool. Most importantly, they should stay connected to God and obey His leadings.

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