Assetmark Inc. owns $827,000 in shares of Paycom Software, Inc. (NYSE:PAYC)

According to the most recent report that Assetmark Inc. filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company’s ownership interest in the shares of Paycom Software, Inc. (NYSE: PAYC) grew 21.6% during the third quarter. As a result of the institutional investor’s purchase of an additional 1,675 shares of the software developer during that period, the investor’s portfolio now contains a total of 2,506 shares. The most recent report that Assetmark Inc. filed with the SEC indicates that the value of the company’s interest in Paycom Software at that time was $827,000; this information was included in the report.

In the most recent period, several other hedge funds have implemented various changes to the positions they currently hold in the company. During the second quarter, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc. increased the number of Paycom Software shares it owned by 5.3%, bringing the total number of shares it owned to a total of 1. After purchasing an additional 7,611 shares of the developer software during the quarter, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc. now owns a total of 151,127 shares of the company, which is worth $42,334,000. During the second quarter of the fiscal year, Shell Asset Management Company acquired an additional 10.2% of Paycom Software, bringing its total ownership to 100%. Shell Asset Management Company increased its ownership of the software developer by purchasing an additional 328 shares of the company’s stock during the quarter, bringing its total ownership of the company’s stock to 3,549 shares with a value of $994,000. The Swiss National Bank increased the percentage of Paycom Software shares it owns by 0.5 percentage points during the second quarter. The software developer’s shares are now wholly owned by the Swiss National Bank. The bank purchased an additional 1,000 shares during the year, bringing its total number to 222,020, with an estimated value of $62,192,000. During the second quarter, Harbor Investment Advisory LLC completed a 19.4% raise in the Paycom Software shares held by the company’s portfolio. After making one additional purchase during the period of 71 shares, Harbor Investment Advisory LLC now has a total of 437 shares of the software maker, currently valued at $122,000. This brings the total number of shares owned by the company to 437.

Last but not least, during the third quarter, the National Bank of Canada completed a 40.5% raise in its ownership of Paycom Software. The National Bank of Canada Financial Institution now holds 11,399 shares in the software maker’s stock, which is currently valued at $3,836,000 after purchasing an additional 3,288 shares during the most recent period. These shares were purchased to bring the total number of shares owned by the institution to 11,399; most of the shares are owned by hedge funds and other types of institutional investors, representing 88.58 percent of the total.

The company has a P/E ratio that currently sits at 72.34, a P/E/E ratio that currently sits at 2.07, and a beta that currently sits at 1.38. The company’s market capitalization currently sits at $18.71 billion at the moment. Thursday marked the start of trading on NYSE PAYC with a price of $311.77. The quick ratio is 1.17, the current ratio is also 1.17, and the debt-interest ratio is 0.03. The debt-to-equity ratio is 0.03, and the quick and current ratios are 1.17. The last 50-day simple moving average for this stock is $315.63, and the last 200-day simple moving average is $330.58. During the prior year, Paycom Software, Inc. experienced a high of $402.78 and a low of the same amount.

Paycom Software (NYSE: PAYC) made its most recent earnings report for the fiscal quarter available to the general public on November 1. The software company reported earnings per share for the quarter of $0.92, which was $0.11 higher than earnings estimates considered the industry standard by financial analysts. According to estimates provided by analysts, expected revenue for the following quarter could range between $328.09 million and $334.17 million. Paycom Software had a return on equity of 24.24%, while the company’s net margin was 19.40%. Paycom Software, Inc. is expected to end the current fiscal year with earnings of $4.67 per share, based on the general opinion of financial industry professionals.

In writing reports, a multitude of equity analysts have contributed to the body of work that has been done on the company. In a research note they published, Cowen revealed to the public on November 2 that they had increased their price target for Paycom Software from $365 to $381. Piper Sandler gave Paycom Software an “overweight” rating in a research note published Nov. 2, saying the brokerage had raised its price target for the company from $387.00 to $395.00. The research note written by Piper Sandler has been published. In a report distributed on January 10, Barclays lowered its price target for Paycom Software from $347.00 to $324.00 and downgraded its rating on the company from “equal weight” to “underweight.” Cowen stated in a report published on November 2 that they had increased their price target for Paycom Software to $381 from the previous level of $365. In a research report published Nov. 2, Credit Suisse Group increased its price target on Paycom Software to $430.00 from $425.00 and categorized the company as an “outperformer.” There have been eighteen different financial analysts who have provided the company with a recommendation to buy shares, five who have provided a recommendation to hold the shares, and only one who has provided a recommendation to sell the shares. Shares of Paycom Software currently have a “Moderate Buy” recommendation from, and the website reports the stock’s price target is $384.29.

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Cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software solutions developed and distributed by Paycom Software, Inc. use the service delivery model as the mode of software distribution. It offers the data analytics and capabilities that companies require to manage each stage of the employment lifecycle, beginning with the hiring process and continuing through retirement. This includes managing everything else. It provides human resource management, talent management, payroll management, time and labor management, and talent acquisition management.

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