Are you ready for ‘The Eddie’? 30 foot waves and heavy traffic forecast for Sunday

The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational is scheduled to return this Sunday in Waimea Bay on Oʻahu’s North Shore.

Surf fans rejoiced when they heard that The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitation was back on the schedule for the first time since 2016. The contest was initially forecast to take place on January 11, but due to unforeseen weather conditions, it was cancelled. reported that the swell was too great. for competition

“It’s still been a very difficult call, but again I’d like to thank everyone, and ‘Eddie’ is officially cancelled,” Clyde Aikau, Eddie Aikau’s brother, announced on January 10.

Aikau mentioned in that interview that the foundation was considering January 22 as the next possible date and later confirmed it earlier this week.

On Friday, Surfline predicted an increase in waves of almost 30 feet in Waimea Bay for Sunday.

“Normal spots disappear, big wave spots light up. Experts only,” according to Surfline’s Kevin Wallis.

Traffic along Kamehameha Hwy. is predicted to back off to the north. The Waimea Bay Beach Park dedicated parking lot and overflow spots located on the makai side of the road facing west are expected to fill up early as made in 2016.

Professional surfer Makua Rothman took to his Instagram to give his fans their first look at the lineup. According to the publication, the first series includes surfing veterans John John Florence, Koa Rothman, Shane Dorian, and more.

Eddie Aikau was the first lifeguard on the island’s north coast, and the foundation says he saved more than 500 people in his career.

He paddled out for help when the travel canoe Hōkūleʻa capsized in 1978 off the coast of Lanaʻi, never to be seen again.

The event at Waimea Bay on Oʻahu has an annual window at this time of year, but it only takes place if the waves consistently reach 20 feet in height. The opening ceremony in December kicked off the waiting period, which lasts until March 23.

Guest surfers this year include 2016 winner John John Florence, Makuakai and Koa Rothman, Billy Kemper, Keala Kennelly, Paige Alms, Ezekiel Lau, Jamie O’Brien, Josh Moniz and 2002 winner Kelly Slater.

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