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Are Garrett Hedlund & Olivia Wilde Returning In TRON 3?

A TRON: Legacy sequel is happening at Disney, but are Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde returning for TRON 3? Disney is planning to return to the TRON franchise for the first time in over a decade after finally getting plans in place to make a third film. The studio has found a director for Jared Leto’s TRON 3, officially known as TRON: Ares, and is preparing for filming to begin by August 2023, putting the film on track for a potential 2024 or 2025 release date. Audiences will have waited a long time to return to The Grid from the time TRON: Legacy released in theaters in December 2010.

The long road to make a sequel comes despite TRON: Legacy originally setting the groundwork for Garrett Hedlund’s Sam Flynn and Olivia Wilde’s Quorra to return in Jared Leto’s TRON 3. The movie ended with Sam shutting down The Grid after escaping to the real world with Quorra and planning to retake control of ENCOM. There were even clues for Disney’s original plans in the short film, Tron: The Next Day, which was released on Legacy‘s home video release. Disney’s current TRON 3 plans for the sequel involve a completely new creative team and lead character, but it is still being described as a TRON: Legacy sequel.

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So far, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde are not confirmed to be in TRON 3. The two stars of TRON: Legacy have not been linked to a new installment of the franchise for years. It is currently unclear if the new vision for TRON 3 – which has Joachim Rønning directing, Jesse Wigutow writing, and Jared Leto starring – includes a role for Sam Flynn or Quorra in any capacity. The two actors have remained quite busy in the time since TRON: Legacy. This includes Garrett Hedlund recently starring in Tulsa King season 1 and Olivia Wilde directing Don’t Worry Darling.

The only cast member officially attached to TRON 3 right now is Jared Leto. Time will tell if Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde return, but it does seem necessary if Disney envisions the film as a sequel to TRON: Legacy. The passage of time between installments could allow the Disney sci-fi franchise to go in a totally different direction that is unrelated to Sam and Quorra’s journeys. However, TRON 3 bringing back Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde for another ride would be a clear way for the movie to confirm that it is directly related to TRON: Legacy.

Even though Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde returning for TRON 3 is not confirmed, the two actors have discussed the possibility in the past. Back when Disney originally was developing a TRON: Legacy sequel with director Joseph Kosinski, which would have been called TRON: Ascension, Hedlund and Wilde were attached to come back. Wilde mentioned in a 2013 interview with Hit Fix that she was excited to potentially return and see where Quorra’s story would go next in the now-canceled TRON 3 plans since her character was established and much of the franchise exposition was out of the way.

Garrett Hedlund has also commented about returning as Sam Flynn in TRON 3 in the past. While he never really got into specifics about where Sam’s story was going to go next, the actor remained enthusiastic about the idea of coming back. He even joked in a 2015 interview with ComingSoon that came after Disney canceled TRON 3 that he would still be willing to come back for the sequel even if it took 30 years to make. The gap will not be quite that long, but Hedlund’s interest could still remain high.

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