Afghan shopkeepers defy Taliban’s orders to behead women mannequins

Good news from Afghanistan for a change. The Taliban had ordered the decapitation of female mannequins. But then, faced with shopkeeper resistance for economic reasons, the heads were ordered covered instead. Still, as previously stated on Jihad See: “They look like murder victims. In a certain sense, that’s what they are.” The Taliban move was not a softened stance toward women. It was a decision based on the businesses of men in the face of their resistance. The covered images are so jarring and grotesque, that they are a constant reminder of the place of women under Taliban rule.
In Islam, images and statues can be regarded as a form of veneration, so it is deemed to be haram to display them. Women are also required to cover up completely (Quran 24:31, 33:59).
Safinah AbuAbdurRahman, Ali ibn Abu Talib, and Fatimah invited the Prophet to eat with them. Upon the Prophet’s arrival, he turned away after seeing figural curtains hanging at the end of the house. Ali followed the Prophet to ask what had turned him back. The Prophet stated that it is unfitting for him or any Prophet to enter a home decorated with figural imagery.
 Abu Dawood Book 27, Hadith 3746
The Prophet refused to enter the Kaaba with idols in it and ordered they be removed. Pictures of Abraham and Ishmael holding arrows of divination were carried out and the Prophet stated, “May Allah ruin the infidels for the false portrayal of the acts of Abraham and Ishmael. The Hadith reports that the Prophet said “Allahu Akbar” inside all directions of the Kaaba and left without prayer therein.
Sahih al-Bukhari Book 59, Hadith 584

“Afghan shopkeepers defy Taliban’s orders to behead women mannequins,” by Luke Whelan, Express, January 19, 2023:

The Taliban is forcing women dress shops in Afghanistan to cloak the heads of mannequins with plastic bags or cloth as part of its tyrannical rules. Shop windows displaying the dystopian mannequins in the country’s capital Kabul have been pictured and shared online.

The ruling is reportedly part of the regime’s attempt to sideline women and implement law based on a strict interpretation of Islam which forbids statues and heavily shuns the worship of false idols.

Soon after the Taliban’s seizure of power in summer 2021, they attempted to ban mannequins entirely.

The Taliban Ministry of Vice and Virtue demanded all mannequins be either removed or beheaded, local media reported.

But the order was met with resistance as shop owners complained it would stop them from displaying their clothes or damage the expensive material bodies.

The Taliban decided to amend the decision and allow owners to just cover the heads……

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