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60 Minutes Australia Liam Bartlett

60 Minutes Australia Liam Bartlett: Liam Bartlett returned to 60 Minutes in January 2016. Liam has worked in Australian media for the better part of three decades, having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Western Australia. He has worked as a journalist and public broadcaster on a range of platforms, including television, radio, and print.

60 Minutes Australia Liam Bartlett

He has worked as a Current Affairs journalist in Melbourne, a Sunday Times columnist and feature writer, and the host of prime-time talkback shifts on radio stations in Perth, WA, to name a few of his previous positions. He is most known for his job as the replacement for Richard Carlton, who died in July 2006. His work on 60 Minutes has attracted national notice, but he is best known for his role as the replacement for Richard Carlton, who died in July 2006. His baptism of fire was complete after escaping incoming Katyusha rockets in Israel and being bombed in Beirut during the Israeli-Hezbollah war in 2006. Later, he covered hostilities in Iran and North Korea, both of which were former Soviet countries.

In Nigeria, he has been stoned by a mob, tear-gassed in the West Bank, and kidnapped by a gang in the Congo. His body was gravely injured from a devastating vehicle accident in Siberia, and he was terrified of being licked by an enormous Alaskan black bear. Liam rejected a strong warning from an Australian prime minister to “stay away” and followed bad advice, only to be bitten by a deadly snake! On the bright side, he’s had a few drinks and a lot of laughter with Tom Jones and Billy Crystal over the years. In attendance were Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jack Black, Helen Mirren, and Tom Hanks.

Withdrew from the show in 2012

Liam withdrew from the show in 2012 to spend more time with his young children. He went to work for Shell International in London for two years, helping to establish a global creative development department, before returning to Perth and the Nine Network in January 2015.

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Over the last three decades, Liam has won honors in all three media. He’s been nominated for numerous awards, including the Matt Price Prize for WA’s Best Newspaper Columnist (MEAA) in 2016. He’s covered a wide range of issues throughout his career, from criminal investigations to athletic achievements, and has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Matt Price Prize for WA’s Best Newspaper Columnist (MEAA) in 2016. Liam was elected to the historic Constitutional Convention in Canberra in 1998 as the lone Western Australian independent. He knows what it’s like to be on the inside of the national political process firsthand.

In 2001, Liam was awarded the prestigious Churchill Fellowship to deepen his study in investigative reporting and trends. After winning a ‘Grand Prize’ at the New York Radio Festival Awards in 2003, his documentary attracted international recognition (the first Grand Prize won by an ABC employee). Liam lives in Perth, Western Australia, with his wife and three (always hungry) children. @LiamBartlett9 is Liam’s Twitter handle. Liam Bartlett (born June 30, 1961) is best recognized for his work as a radio and television journalist and reporter.

60 Minutes Australia Liam Bartlett
60 Minutes Australia Liam Bartlett

He’s been able to accomplish some of the most significant things in his life because of this program. Their animal rights story for 60 Minutes, which they co-wrote with producer Howard Sacre, changed the law to protect sows and earned them the 2010 Voiceless Award for animal rights first prize. In 2013, the Genesis Award (Humane Society of the United States) and a Bronze medal at the New York Film and Television Awards for indigenous rights protection were given to an anti-poaching story in Africa.


For six years, Bartlett anchored the morning show on Perth, Western Australia’s ABC radio station 720 ABC Perth. He had previously worked at GWN in Bunbury as a news anchor/reporter for STW 9. He worked for 3SR in Shepparton, Victoria, for a time. While working at Perth radio stations, he was also a columnist for The Sunday Times, a News Corporation publication. He worked for The 7.30 Report, ABC TV, and the Nine Network Australia as a news and current affairs broadcaster (GTV Melbourne).

Bartlett served as a delegate to the Australian Constitutional Convention in 1998. He had previously run for office as a delegate and was elected on the basis of an independent candidacy. In 2002, Bartlett was awarded a Churchill Fellowship for his investigative journalism. He spent three months in the United States and three months in the United Kingdom. He moved to 60 Minutes from competing station 720 ABC Perth in July 2006, after nine weeks on the air at Perth radio station 6PR. He would host the show until 2012, before returning in 2015. Bartlett returned to oversee 6PR after Nine Entertainment purchased the station in 2021 while continuing to work as a 60 Minutes reporter.


Among the various honors and recognitions, Bartlett has received over his career are the New York Festival Awards for TV and Radio, as well as the Brigitte Bardot (Genesis) Television Award. In addition, in his native state of Washington, he has won four (4) AJA (Australian Journalists Association) awards for investigative reporting and feature writing.

Liam Bartlett’s net worth

Liam Bartlett’s net worth has been calculated using reliable online sources such as Wikipedia, Google, Forbes, and IMDb. The tables below show his net worth, salary, and other information from the previous year. Liam’s estimated net worth, as well as his monthly and yearly earnings, as well as his primary source of income, are all included here.

Liam was valued at $5 million and made $3 million. The Yeezy line of sneakers helped Liam make the most of his money. He had inflated the size of his company throughout the years, but he did make enough money as a celebrity to rank among the highest-paid celebrities of all time. His main source of income is as a well-known journalist. His net worth is reported to be in the range of $5 to $10 million. This is in addition to his large social media following.

My Private Life

Bartlett and Claire are the parents of three grown children. His radio work and reporting are both of the highest calibers. Liam Bartlett is one of the most talented journalists working today. His television show, 60 Minutes, is incredibly well-known, and it was this show that catapulted him to new levels of celebrity. Their Children, as well as their Husband, Wife, and Daughter.

His wife’s name is Claire Bartlett, and they are happily married. He and Claire had been dating for a while before deciding to marry. The couple is still going strong, and a divorce is not in their near future. He is the father of a family of his own. He is now a father, having been completed by his three children. He shared this snapshot of his daughter on his Instagram account. He captioned this photograph, “I love you very much,” on his Instagram profile. He also shared another photo of his daughter with the words, “I love you very much.” A “Christmas lunch” is a meal that is served during the Christmas season.

Look into Liam Bartlett’s Blue Eyes: Below is a photo of Liam Bartlette. His gorgeous brown eyes are often complimented by the guests he interviews.

Liam Bartlett’s contact information is listed below: To contact Liam Bartlette, follow him on social media. An award-winning Australian journalist will be on hand to listen to your opinions on a variety of topics. You can find his Twitter account here if you wish to follow him on social media.

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