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10 Legendary Sega Genesis Game Franchises That Should Be Resurrected

The video game company Sega remains relevant today despite not competing in the console market alongside other companies like Nintendo and Sony. That’s due to the fact that they’re still loyal to their franchises that continue to do well today, as well as created the Sega Genesis, a gaming console that has greatly impacted the gaming landscape today.

The Sega Genesis was home to gaming franchises that have become household names, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star. There have been also a number of discontinued Sega Genesis game franchises that deserve to be resurrected and reintroduced to modern gamers.

Based on the comic book created by Robert A. Kraus, Chakan: The Forever Man was a Sega Genesis game that had a striking platformer gameplay. In the game, the titular character needs to complete platforming levels in four different planes based on the elements.

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The game was particularly noted for its challenging difficulty. Despite that, the game was still able to nurture a number of fans due to its incredible animation and atmospheric music. That’s why it’s a shame that a follow-up wasn’t conceptualized, although elements of it were repurposed for the action-adventure game Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2.

Perhaps one of the most popular game genres on the Sega Genesis is action platformers. Vectorman, which has been developed by BlueSky Software, is a notable action platformer on the platform that received a lot of critical praise for its diverse levels, striking graphics, and advanced animation.

Sadly, the franchise ended at Vectorman 2. That’s why it’s a Sega franchise that’s worthy of receiving the Sonic Origins treatment and being resurrected for the modern gamer. The most that came out of the developer’s attempt to create a third title in the franchise was a demo for a 3D game that never saw the light of day.

Known for its incredibly comic book-styled graphics, Comix Zone is a beat ‘em up game that sees a starving comic book artist go against an alien mutant who wants to take over the world. Despite receiving rave reviews, the game didn’t have a successor.

Those who’ve played the game on the Sega Genesis consider it one of the hardest games on the console due to its brutal mechanics that causes the player’s health to be depleted, simply for just attacking an enemy. While the franchise is yet to have a modern offering, the game will be introduced to modern gamers as it is reported that a movie adaptation is currently in development (via Screen Rant).

The Sega Genesis is a treasure trove of beat ‘em up games, which includes the classic Sega Arcade franchise Golden Axe. The franchise is full of medieval elements and has three admirable heroes named Gillius Thunderhead, Ax Battler, and Tyris Flare.

The last entry in the franchise is Golden Axe: Beast Rider which primarily focuses on Tyris Flare. However, the game was received poorly, which would explain why the franchise lost its popularity. But since the characters from the franchise also appear in other media, from comics such as Archie Comics and TV shows Sega Hard Girls, it’s apt for the series to have another entry.

Originally released for arcade systems, Gain Ground is an adventure shooter game where players need to collect imprisoned characters and escort them over to an exit point. In the game, players have to defeat enemies across different eras, from the dark ages to the future.

The game was able to gain a lot of fans on the Sega Genesis as it had unique gameplay that involved a lot of planning and carefully setting up offensives. While the game didn’t have any sequels, the tactical RPG Project X Zone paid homage to Gain Ground and featured two levels from it, although no characters from the Sega Genesis title made an appearance.

The game studio Appaloosa Interactive is known for releasing a lot of superb games during the 90s, including the action-adventure franchise Ecco the Dolphin. The game revolves around the titular dolphin who protects the world from alien threats by attacking them in the water.

The game might have straightforward controls and simple game mechanics, but the swimming mechanics in Ecco the Dolphin outshine those of modern games. The last entry in the franchise is the 2000s Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, however, Ecco the Dolphin’s creator has been talking about reviving the franchise for the Nintendo Switch (via SEGAbits).

Unlike other fighting games on the Sega Genesis, Eternal Champions was built from scratch and was not an arcade system port. What makes Eternal Champions a great fighting game is its engrossing story that’s coupled with fun and well-designed characters, from a Syrian bounty hunter to a robotic kickboxer from the future.

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The Eternal Champions franchise had another entry called Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Dark Side, but the franchise met its end after a scrapped third game. Eternal Champions deserves a modern remake, but gamers interested in the franchise can check out its fun spin-offs Chicago Syndicate and X-Perts.

The team behind Sonic the Hedgehog was also the one that made the action platformer game Ristar. The game allows players to control a humanoid cartoon star who can use his stretchable arms to run across the game and defeat enemies.

Sega was gearing up Ristar to be Sonic’s successor, but the game wasn’t able to achieve widespread success, although it did get positive reviews for its dynamic platforming mechanics that are infused with puzzles and strategy elements. It’s about time for Ristar to be revived, especially after it was included in the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack in 2020.

Having a lot of elements similar to The Legend of Zelda has allowed the Sega Genesis adventure game Beyond Oasis to nurture a loyal following. In the game, a character named Prince Ali comes across an armlet that allows them to conjure four powerful spirits.

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Beyond Oasis was praised for its incredible world-building and narrative twists. It also seamlessly combines RPG elements with intriguing puzzles and fun puzzle mechanics. A Sega Saturn prequel for the game was released in 1996, but the franchise hasn’t had an entry since.

While it had its start in the arcade, Altered Beast has further gained popularity on the Sega Genesis when it was included as a pack-in game for the console during its launch. The beat ’em up game is set in Ancient Greece and sees a Roman Centurion battle a demonic god and his evil underlings.

While its plot was considered repetitive by critics, the gameplay is memorable due as it allowed the gamer to transform into a powerful dragon and werewolf. The game had two sequels that were released for the Game Boy Advance and the PlayStation 2. It’s an entertaining beat ’em up series that greatly needs a modern entry, especially since its Grecian story has a lot of potential.

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