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10 Hardest Decisions In Telltale's The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is still making headlines after its series finale a few weeks ago, and there are still a lot of unknowns about the three planned spinoff series. With so much franchise content still to come, fans may pass the time by going back to revisit one popular piece of The Walking Dead world: Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game.

This game is famous for its butterfly effect and the numerous decisions the player has to make while battling the living dead. Other games may have similar gameplay, but Telltale may do it best. Among these choices are smaller and easy decisions, like small pieces of dialogue that do not have that large of a ripple effect. Others are so incredibly tough because of the player’s own morals and the ramifications the choices might have.

In season 2, episode 4, ‘Amid The Ruins’, some of the gang gets trapped in an RV while a herd of walkers surrounds it. The player manages to get free, and they have a choice to leave or save Sarah.

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At this point, the player does recognize Sarah as a liability to the group based on her lack of knowledge of the outside world. Knowing that issue may cause them to want to leave her behind. However, she is only a kid and is Carlos’s daughter, the leader of Clementine’s new group, so she will want to be on his good side. It is a callous decision that ultimately has multiple pros and cons.

In season 1, episode 4, ‘Around Every Corner’, while the group is climbing up a high tower, the player has the option to save Ben or let him fall to his death.

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Some may think that letting him fall is the easier option since he was the one making deals with the bandits, but it is not that simple as he was trying to save the group by doing those deals. In the moment, it is very hard to look Ben in the eyes and let him fall to the walkers underneath when he had the group’s best interest at heart. Since this is season 1, players have not been faced with such a significant decision like this yet, but it certainly sets the tone for others later in the series.

Season 1, episode 2, ‘Starved For Help’ is all about how the group is starving and in dire need of food. At the end of the episode, the player is faced with a moral dilemma; stealing supplies from a car or walking away.

The player knows the group is starving, but would they really want to steal from an innocent stranger? The car clearly looks like someone was just there making it a very hard choice. Regardless, the group takes the food anyway, no matter what Lee says, which comes back to haunt Lee later in the season. It is moments like this that make the game perfect for fans of the show.

In season 1, episode 3, ‘Long Road Ahead’, there is a very emotional sequence where Kenny is faced with the fact his son will die. After his wife takes her own life, the player is forced either shoot Duck themselves or tell Kenny to do it.

After the anguish Kenny had just gone through, it makes the most sense to have Lee kill Duck. Once the player has the gun pointed at the child’s head, however, it is not so easy. Kenny watches Lee shoot Duck if that’s what the player chooses, which is a weird detail as one would think he would not want to watch.

In season 4, episode 3 ‘Broken Toys’, the player is faced with a tough decision to either tell A.J. to kill Lilly or to spare her.

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This one is extremely difficult in the moment with everyone shouting different things at Clementine. On one hand, the player hates Lily for her actions in season 1 and her role as the Delta leader. But, she is extremely wounded and has given up. It is definitely more humane to tell A.J. to stand down, but the player also wants some sort of revenge for all that she has done to Clementine and her group.

One minor antagonist in season 1 was Larry. In episode 2 ‘Starved For Help’, he has a heart attack while the group is locked in a room, and the player can either help resuscitate him or kill him, so he does not turn.

In this situation, the player can either side with Kenny or Lilly. Lee has had a good relationship so far with Kenny, so the player would not want to ruin that. However, they may also want to salvage their relationship with Lilly. No matter what the player chooses, someone will be mad at Lee and Kenny kills Larry anyway with a salt lick.

At the end of season 2, episode 5, ‘No Going Back’, a fight between Kenny and Jane turns ugly and the player can either shoot Kenny to save Jane or let Kenny kill her.

This is an extremely tough choice. The player has so much history with Kenny, but deep in their hearts, they feel like he is too much of a liability to keep around. However, Jane is a massive wildcard that Clementine does not know if she can trust at this point. This is definitely one of the toughest choices, but it is also one of the best scenes in the whole series.

At the end of season 2, there are so many different endings that can occur based on a few decisions. One of them sees Clementine and Kenny at the gates of Wellington and Clementine can either enter or leave with Kenny, who was denied entry.

This is another decision that revolves around how much the player really thinks Kenny is a good person to stick around in the apocalypse. He is rash and just killed Jane. But they have so much history together and would be a good father figure to A.J. so it is very tough to leave him behind just like that. If the player does decide to leave with Kenny, they will see one of the saddest deaths in the whole series.

Towards the end of season 4, episode 4, ‘Take Us Back’, the player is faced with a familiar choice of killing someone or leaving them behind to turn; this time it is Clementine, who is one of the most beloved characters in the series.

This almost seems like an impossible decision. The player does not want to accept the fact that Clementine is dying, so they honestly have no idea what to pick. The player watched Clementine grow up, so they are devastated by either decision. They will most likely pick the choice they did in season 1 with Lee. Of course, the player later finds out it does not matter what they chose and A.J. will cut off her leg to save her.

Without any doubt, the hardest decision in the whole series is deciding whether to kill Lee or leave him at the end of season 1, episode 5 ‘No Time Left’.

Lee was a great character to start off the series with and the player grew close to him over the course of five episodes. He displayed his heroic capabilities many times and the player does not want to say goodbye to him. There are honestly no pros to either decision, as both choices are very hard to ask a child to do. Unlike this situation with Clementine, both options result in Lee’s death, and a very sorrowful ending in season 1.

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