Patrick Beverley slams Deandre Ayton for Teasing Austin Reaves

Patrick Beverley is a player that has made a name for himself throughout the years. He enjoys teasing his opponents and is a fervent supporter of his teammates. Furthermore, even if he is being cooked, he will continue to trash-talk you.

Last night, Beverley caused quite a bit of controversy thanks to his actions against the Phoenix Suns. In the clip below, Lakers youngster Austin Reaves was on the floor. Deandre Ayton was taunting him, and this set Beverley off. Consequently, the Lakers star turned around and shoved Ayton to the ground.

This unleashed a miniature brawl on the floor. Players took exception to Beverley’s actions, and they immediately let him know about it. Patrick Beverley did not seem to care, as he was simply standing up for his guy. Overall, it is exactly what he has trained himself to do.

Regardless, the Suns were upset with Beverley, as this isn’t the first time he has done something like this. Devin Booker touched on this after the game, saying “Pat needs to stop pushing people in the back. Push them in the chest.” If you remember, Beverley did a similar action against Chris Paul.

These kinds of actions can typically lead to consequences the next time around. However, basketball doesn’t have a fighting code as hockey does. This means they will simply have to beat him where it matters, on the scoreboard. Of course, that is exactly what they did last night, as the Suns beat the Lakers for the eighth straight time.

The Lakers now fall to 5-11 on the season, which is definitely a hard pill to swallow. LeBron has yet to make his return to the court, and it remains uncertain as to when he will again. Needless to say, this is not the start the Lakers hoped for. Even Beverley’s energy is no match for the rest of the league.


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